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Books, people read them, This group is for all those Book People out there. Here you can share your fictions that you read and have fun. Read different types of books. We are an open BOOK. HA so funny.Anyway, share books, read books, criticize books, be books, and most importantly. Have fun looking at those words.

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That update kind of sounds like something that Twilight would say:rainbowlaugh:. Anyway, count me in!:raritywink:

Any stories are fine, I have the categories made, add away! But you can't add too Trash boat, Award winning, or the Top Picks, those are admin only.

Also no sex. Shipping is fine, but anthro is just bad, this group is for everyone.

Are there any particular criterion as to which stories should be added here?

Once we get about 20 members and at least 20 stories I will hold the first Top Picks.

Welcome new members!

Aight the Picture is nice. But might need to fix the banner.

Done! Woohoo!

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