We are, we are, not your ordinary fam-a, fam-a, lyyyy.......

A few bros, including me and Nordenfelt, decided that it would be cool to have a brony country. Behold! The country of bronies....and stuff and things. Here, we're all a family, close as close can be. :twilightsmile:

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343198 Generic McUnicorn reigns supreme! :pinkiehappy:

343193 yes, best pony is my OC Generic McUnicorn!

343190 true.... I don't know picket the grass or something lol, there will be picketing! :pinkiecrazy:

343188 Then we can picket EVERYWHERE! :rainbowlaugh:

343186 and with enough power we can take over and rule the world! :yay:

343184 This is going to be a good group :raritystarry:

343179 Dang dude your admin? I'm jelly lol

Oh awesome this was in the thread I was in :twilightsmile:

You can count chri this Texan in:trollestia:

343166 :facehoof: How do you like Lord and Lady then?

343162 Well, we aren't a queen and a king, so we don't have to. Problem solved.

343158 Well, queen, technically, but in Equestria, princes and princesses are the highest authority, so that's how this oughta work.

343156 You're the king, and I shall be your princess.

This looks promising~

Here it is People/Ponies! The place of Dreams!

Dis bettR B Gud

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