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Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

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Hey there. Can't say I expected to get comments from you, or really anyone on this page anymore.
Yeah, everything feels like a long time ago. Which I guess it really is.
Thanks for the well-wishes. Good luck with all you aspire to do, man. The music industry can be a tricky thing.

Figured I should holler out to ya one last time...the fandom here was kinda sweet when it mattered huh? 2013-2014 sure feels like a lifetime ago but I still remember the few on this site like u Rotorix. Lmao again that name of yours has stuck out cuz it sounded inseparable to all the other fluff I was accustomed to.

Haha...hope everything works out right now and later on in life dude! Remember I will meet you guys when my band is something great for the world to see. Rock on brother!!!

It's not exactly the deepest lore. Twilight owns a school and picked a former Stalinist to run it for her when she's not around.

F for my man Sombrero. I was gonna watch the new episodes, but I have no idea how much has changed and if I'll be able to follow any of it.

Well, yesterday they killed Sombra. Straight up melted him alive. Died screaming. It was kind of brutal, given the show.

  • Viewing 907 - 911 of 911
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