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Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

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It's not exactly the deepest lore. Twilight owns a school and picked a former Stalinist to run it for her when she's not around.

F for my man Sombrero. I was gonna watch the new episodes, but I have no idea how much has changed and if I'll be able to follow any of it.

Well, yesterday they killed Sombra. Straight up melted him alive. Died screaming. It was kind of brutal, given the show.

I did that a long while ago, though. Not really because I thought my stuff was so awful that it should be removed (though I don't think it was anything noteworthy anyways). It was like three years ago that some of my friends at the time stumbled upon my fimfiction page because one of them searched something that matched some info I put in a blog post, and connected the fact that I used that same name on steam as on here.
I was ridiculed for the fact that I had written MLP fanfiction and I saw fit to delete my ramblings, including my blogs so I wouldn't have to look at all the dumb stuff I said under the pretense that none would ever find it, including myself.
I actually still have a few of my stories on google drive, the short ones anyways. But looking through them, they're filled with spelling and grammatical mistakes, and I don't even know why I published them in the first place.

It's kinda sad; a bunch of stories I used to read and follow on here are now deleted or canceled. I guess that's just the way things are. Stuff's coming to an end. The last season of Gen 5 started yesterday (though I haven't watched the show in years), and even stuff like bronycon is on it's last stop this year.
Strangely enough, I've have an inkling to write something again, but I don't know what the point would be in writing for a shrinking fandom. Not to mention I don't know what the lore of the show is anymore and what they've done to the characters and plot.
Ah well, it was all fun while it lasted.

  • Viewing 943 - 947 of 947
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