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Im going INSANE!!! · 3:56am Feb 20th, 2014

I am currently waiting on, like, five different stories, at LEAST, to be updated. every day, I check, because I have it set to notify me when they are updated, and every day, I find they are not updated. Not even one. I AM GOING INSANE!!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!!!

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1643818 The auxiliary vehicles are mentioned in later stories. I took the idea and figured since they were loading out to set up colonies elsewhere in Operation Diaspora, they would be outfitted with newer better models. Plus they could be used by humans as well, so dual purpose. As for the pictures, Bolos are huge, even maneuvering they do massive damage, that's why they are usually the only thing son the battlefield. I believe one description of a Mark XXXIII was approximately 1000yards long, and about as wide. As tall as they needed to be as it varied with purpose, EW Bolos, Assault Bolos and so forth, hope it helps?:twilightsmile:

1642165 yes, and did you make up the drones/dragon assault tank, or arep they based off of pictures (I have to know everything) also, in that pic, he is not nearly as big as I imagined him to be, as one of the burnt trees is half as tall as he is. Does he look like that, but bigger, or what?

1641666 Crusader is currently covered by dirt, as he had sat there for so long. Basically he IS the hill in the story :twilightsmile: The tunnel was dug so they could access his cargo bays, easier than to try and move. Crusader is currently at approximately 43000 tons of weight. Tons, not pounds, he's a mobile fortress and would cause untold damage just moving around, so he prefers to sit. The second pic you posted is very close to what he looks like actually, it's well done. Another good one is this: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Bolo-We-Are-Already-In-Hell-186750887 The main gun is called a Hellbore, of which Crusader has four. They are 240cm cannons, yes cm. They are not measured in calibers, but in Megatons Per Second firepower. :pinkiehappy: Hope all that helps?

1640227 there are actually a few questions I have, I need to ask them or I will go insane. #1: what exactly does Crusader look like? From what I can tell, he is a giant tank, but a picture would be nice. Second, can Crusader move? Or is he in pieces, cuz it mensions him having to dig a tunnel to the cargo bay. (Here is what I think he might look like) http://mahq.net/mecha/gundam/evolve/pegasus.jpg or http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-mp8vKC08J8E/T8LEnOy-KhI/AAAAAAAAA3s/sVLuVfKqob4/s1600/855_max.jpg

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