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This year has been a roller coaster hasnt it? · 3:43am October 14th

As my birthday rolls around I couldn't help but think how crazy this year has been so far: political riots over things that seem insignificant in the bigger picture, enrolling in another college, going over both my art and writing, the MLP movie coming out, Nightmare Nights Dallas, and even a little soul searching here and there.

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new chapter of Cons Of Anarchy is up!

no prob, always willing to help a writer

Thanks for the fav on it's hero time but first keep ....that pink girl away from me!

Thanks for the fav on Open Up Your Eyes! Glad you enjoyed!
Remember to leave a like if you haven't already, perhaps even a comment. That'd be nice :yay:

So far yeah. At first I was thinking you were using the term as for a train (sorta nod to the old Native American term for trains- Iron Horse). Still pretty engaging read

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