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This is a group created for sharing music, interests in music, your thoughts on your favorite music, or anything music-related. This was created as an extra outlet for music sharing since everyone loves music. Plus maybe you'll find some good stuff here.

Don't be a dick and everything's chill


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Uhh, hi. FourShadow invited me, and I guess I’m here now.

Yo, FourShadow, thanks for the invitation :D

Thx 4 this invite too, FourShadow :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the invite

Thank out for the invite FourShadow.

Eternal gratitude for inviting me to this group! Music is one of my favorite things in the entire world! Since I'm an upcoming original/brony musician, you get links to my tracks (if you want). Here's my first, a mediocre, ragtime-ish instrumental theme song for Trixie!

My songs in the future will have vocals, so look forward! Also, I'm absolutely a classical fanatic, but I love ragtime too. I listen to brony music a lot, and some of my favorite currently active artists are Ponyphonic, Fritzybeat, Thunder Dash, LoneBrony and 4everfreebrony.

Thanks for this invite too. Music is something that's constantly in my life, it helps motivate me, helps me get a feel for things better, and also helps me concentrate on writing stories both here on FIMFiction and deviantART. Don't know where I'd be without music constantly filling my ears.

Thank you for the invite!

Im gonna have a good time here! :pinkiehappy:

419725 Thank you for the invite :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the invite

You did a good job man, nice work!

Can we share music with SFM videos? I've seen some great ones.

Thanks for the invite

Thanks for the invite

  • Viewing 11 - 30 of 30
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