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I Just Don't Know What Went Wrong... · 6:22pm Last Sunday

My stepdad lost his cool again.

I was just trying to help him and he got angry at me, threatening to smash my face in with his fist, even punching a dent into the shed to prove his point. He tried to come after me and demanded that I leave the property, my own home.

I just don't know what went wrong... :fluttercry:

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Kingdom Hearts: The Heart of Friendship - Tales of Canterlot High

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The "Inspired By..." Series

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  • Sunrise You heard the rumors about Anon-a-Miss, but after everything that's happened, you don't believe it's Sunset. You try to find her and save her Christmas spirit before it's too late. by Golden Flare 2,764 words · 3,746 views · 58 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Advanced Disconnection [Displaced Story] I wound up dead after an incident and end up in Equestria as ProtoMan.EXE with my ProtoMan Advanced PET. by Golden Flare 2,672 words · 251 views · 15 likes · 1 dislikes

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Honestly, The Best Fanfics I've Ever Read :) Part 2

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Top Favourites

  • Candle In The Wind You are a student at Canterlot High, trying to win a particular bacon-haired girl over. Prom is coming. by Gypsy Writefag 9,658 words · 3,939 views · 84 likes · 9 dislikes
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