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Healing · 4:04pm October 9th

Sorry for the lack of response on here, guys. B.B. passed away at least two weeks ago, and we've been busy healing from our loss and taking care of our animals. I'll get back into the habit later, but right now, I need more time.

Thank you for understanding.

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Not only is Twilight not destroying Equestria, but her future kingdom, The Elemental Empire, and Equestria will be allies

2948166 No prob :twilightsmile: And to answer that, for starters, it's a Canterlot Wedding story and I like those, secondly, I'm interested in the idea of possessing elemental powers, and lastly, Twilight said she didn't want to destroy Equestria, usually these kinds of stories make her out to be either hating her friends, wanting to destroy and/or take over Equestria, or both, so your story is a breath of fresh air, keep up the great work

Thanks for the favorite. What did you like most about Twilight: The Elemental Master?

  • Viewing 1,080 - 1,084 of 1,084
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