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A group dedicated to everyone's newest OTP - DuskDusk!

...All right, I jest. It's not everyone's OTP- yet- but this is where it will become popular!

Because let's face it: Sonata Dusk is adorable and Dusk Shine is a super-handsome pretty-boy. Sonata Dusk is a cloudcukoolander and Dusk Shine is a socially awkward bookworm/prince. And their names both have Dusk. What more can you ask for?

So, enjoy our group made for those who know that the best ship name in the universe is DuskDusk.

Or, you know, SonataShine. We're flexible.

Or SonataDusk. Or DuskShine.

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Awesome, for realizes! :D

The ship sets sail.

Gotta have good naming sense. :rainbowlaugh:

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