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Hot Twilight on Changeling Queen Action · 4:04pm Aug 21st, 2014

Hello readers and lurkers, today I invite you to take a gander at Tainted Love: A Twysalis prompt tag Collab, which is all about hot interspecies romance sex.

Obligatory video post:

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Thanks for adding my thing to your thing.

Cheers for the fave!

Hello, may I inquire as to what is the meaning behind "If I haven't read it, it's new to me!"? I assume it's essentially just a read it later list, or something along those lines, but I'm unsure. Also, thanks for adding my one singular story to that shelf, if it's what I assume it is that I hope you will enjoy it, if not and you have already read it, I know you didn't dislike it enough to give it a dislike because it's been at 5 dislikes for a while and that hasn't changed, so I hope that you enjoyed it if you have indeed already read it.
Or at the very least, I hope that you found it/will find it to be tolerable.

Thanks for adding my story to your library. Please be sure to leave a question or comment on the story page when you get a chance.

Thank you for the fave!! I really appreciate it.

Thanks for the follow! :3

Thanks for the favorite, I hope you enjoy it. :pinkiehappy:

Damn it, WraithWriter. :heart:

You know my Cannibal Fashionista story is one that I tend to forget I've done. It might be because it's the only M rated one I put up and it was done in one sitting. I do get a smirk though when it pops up on someone else likes it too. I had fun doing that one.

I'm glad you liked my story! It might be time for a barbecue at this rate!

Cheers for the watch, mate. Much appreciated.

Thanks so much for the follow. I can't express how much it means to me for you to be following me.

Thank you for the watch. Have a follow in return! :twilightsmile:

You had me at Leasbians~:raritywink:


  • Viewing 953 - 972 of 972
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