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Commissions Are Open


Commission Info · 11:06pm April 9th

You want it, I'll write it.

Prices are currently $10 per 1k words. Contact me here or on Discord TheWraithWriter#8646

All fetishes welcome, save for those listed below.

Currently won't do:

Stupid Sexy Horse Words

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Oh. Yeah, that would be $15.

Like, say I wanted a commission with a word count of 1.5K.
Would that be $10, $15, or $20?

I'm not sure what you mean.

One other question:
When does the word count "jump" in terms of pricing?

I can be slooooooooooooooooooooow, so I only take payment after I've gotten a decent amount of work done on the story,

For commissions, does the payment need to be sent before you start?

Thanks for the great story!

Thanks for the watch! ^^

Shiny! ^_^ I was just curious. Thanks for the reply! :twilightsmile:

Is your avatar pic your OC with RD's smug face from Stranger than Fan Fiction?

Cheers for the watch, y'weird boi.

Achievement Unlocked!

You earned the...

If "It's Raining Tacos" is Sonata's theme song, what's the theme song of the other two?

Thanks for adding my thing to your thing.

Cheers for the fave!

Hello, may I inquire as to what is the meaning behind "If I haven't read it, it's new to me!"? I assume it's essentially just a read it later list, or something along those lines, but I'm unsure. Also, thanks for adding my one singular story to that shelf, if it's what I assume it is that I hope you will enjoy it, if not and you have already read it, I know you didn't dislike it enough to give it a dislike because it's been at 5 dislikes for a while and that hasn't changed, so I hope that you enjoyed it if you have indeed already read it.
Or at the very least, I hope that you found it/will find it to be tolerable.

Thanks for adding my story to your library. Please be sure to leave a question or comment on the story page when you get a chance.

  • Viewing 918 - 937 of 937
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