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A list of Fimfictions's favorite stories put up based on Likes, Favorites, Tags, and anything else someone can come up with. If you don't like the Idea then please just move on.

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Because I made this long time ago and then I got this many people when I wasn't looking. I never expected this to happen. So one could but since people are actully using this group I'll giver her a good working over to bring her into tip-top shape.

How to add stories somewheer? I got them on my profile but Im not sure how to submit them to groups

296072 Portfolio's are far more convenient than sorting through old fics, m'kay?

becuz he want 2 keep a portf0lio of dem k

What's the point in this group?
You could just browse fics by like ratio and get them all.

  • Viewing 1 - 5 of 5
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