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These are really good Fan Fiction Series that I MUST KEEP FOLLOWING!!!!!!

Here is a list future me:

Equestrian Renassiance

Earth and Sky

Chaotic Harmony

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING by the author "Paleo Prints"

Modern Warmare (by Beatleboy62)

One Soldiers Twilight

Parallel (by Kyonko802)

The Vinyl Scratch Tapes

Fun With Changelings

Luna VS. (series)

The Magic of the BLU Sandvich with RED Bonk! - Little Ponies Are Friends!

Name's Ellis

On a Whisper of Wind

Spike's Sexual Misadventures (its mostly smut, but funny smut)

My Little Caboose: Blue is Magic! (got kind of old, stopped following it)

----ALREADY READ-------

My Little Dashie

Princess Celestia Hates Tea

MOST of Paleo Prints's things

Chaotic Harmony

On a Cross and Arrow(oh w8 is that Paleo?)

A Bunch of other things.. I'm sure.

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