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Updates, and Endings · 11:51pm Dec 23rd, 2019

Been a while, eh? A part of me wants to put a joke there, maybe a "kept you waiting, huh?" reference, but I don't think this is the blog for it.

Just a heads up, this isn't going to be a fun blog.

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I'm Professor Plum. Story approver, reviewer, editor, and livestreamer for the masses.

Got horseword questions? Drop me a PM, and I'll see what I can do.

Want to hear my opinions on things? Check out the Seattle's Angels Resource Thread, where you can find a complete list of all the reviews we've done, as well as all the livestreams we've put up. Except for that one at bronycon last year. No, aquaman, it's not getting published.

Co-founder, Admin and Reviewer for WRITE, a collection of some this fandom's most experienced reviewers.
Co-founder and Admin of The Admin's Group, dedicated to helping people with running their hoerswerd collections.
Admin of—and Reviewer for—Seattle's Angels, a group about unearthing lost treasures.
Admin of The World-Building Alliance, for all the non-pony in the pony.
Admin of The Last Roundup, a group that aims to be a viable, quality-based alternative to the Feature Box.
Admin of The EqD Outside Insight Group, a competition based around non-ponies which I was a judge for.
Admin of Fallout: Equestria, the greatest m/m shipgroup on the site.
Admin of Remnants of Exploration, because I always enjoyed a good Train Wreck.
Former admin of the TWE, may she rest in peace.
Admin of The Admin Group, because if I'm gonna be part of so many groups, I might as well help even more people with theirs.
Founder of Tonking with Pones, in which we shoot down planes with things clearly not designed to shoot down planes.
Contributor to The Mojave Express. Somehow. Not really sure when that happened.
Contributor to The Harem of Wanderer D, because that guy's basically Robert Downey Junior, I mean damn.
Contributor to Austraeoh, because literally everyone in that group is.

Bad Horse can no longer hate my bio ;_;

(A.K.A How to deal with differing opinions)

Look, if I commented on your story and you disagree with it, that's fine.
What's not fine is deleting constructive criticism and sending angry PMs to those who think you could do better. If I'm being dumb, tell me so. If I don't think I was, I'll tell you so too. We'll have a gay old time and all that.
But be a man rather than a mouse, aye?

So. What have we learned?
Lots of control.
No screaming or hollering.
Yes. And most importantly?
Listening to other people, instead of sticking my head up my ass and refusing to acknowledge negative comments!
Right! So now you know the elements of a good author, go be one!

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Comment posted by Abbilden deleted March 10th

I saw nothing in the rules against it, but can I post a pony choose your own adventure story? Also, how do I PM you? Thank you!

Had a brain fart. I don't remember you on this site, and I usually remember the staff.

Hmmm. I don't know recognize you.

In your honest opinion...

...and hear me out...

...Who would win in a fight between one plum and a gang of five grapes?

I need this information for research purposes.

Okay, want the cookie anyway?:derpytongue2: I mean if that your standart expression, you could sure need one:rainbowderp:

Professor Plum
Story Approver

Oh. No, that's just my normal expression

Your Avatar looks very grumpy, just wondering if you need a cookie or something?:raritywink:

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