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D G D Davidson

D. G. D. is a science fiction writer and archaeologist. He blogs on occasion at www.deusexmagicalgirl.com.


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D. G. D., known as The Deej for short, is an archaeologist and sometimes an sf writer. When he's not playing in the dirt, lurking on this site, or lurking on his blog, he's working on his novel in progress, an action-centered fantasy inspired by an overdose of magical girl cartoons, which runs under the working title of Rag & Muffin. He likes to call it "magical girl noir" and pretend he's creating a new genre. He hypothesizes that My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is popular with young men because it is superficially similar to a Japanese harem comedy.

Self-promotion: You can read a Rag & Muffin flash fiction by clicking here.

Pony waifu: Princess Misty
Best butt monkey: Spike
Best HiE: Megan
Thing he'd most like to see in the show: Sea ponies
Thing that would make him flip a table and ragequit: Rainbow Dash dating anypony other than Big Macintosh


There is only One Queen. There is only One Judge.


Somebody Told Me You Like Fan Fiction Based on Franchises for Little Girls · 12:11am June 30th

Even though I have a novel coming out soon, I haven't been entirely able to stay away from fan fiction. I can't post it to this site because, sadly, it contains no horsewords, but I do have a series going on elsewhere called The League of Extraordinary Grade-Schoolers.

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Comment posted by James-Plasma deleted Aug 18th, 2016

2195824 Thank you kindly sir.


I'm sure someone else did it before me anyway, and I seem to think it's a concept that even has a page on TVTropes. I can't think of a specific example of something exactly like it off the top of my head, but I do recall that the Romanticists were big into personality fragmentation, so there's that.

Something like that is not plagiarism, so be my guest.

If I may be so bold, might I borrow an element from one of your stories for a future project? The idea of characters being made from aspects of anothers personality. I would hate to be thought of as plagiarising if I just did it.


No! If John C. Wright ever gets mad at me, it should be for my sacreligious writing style, not for stealing his identity!

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