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This is a group for Christian bronies in America. Feel free to post your stories in here.

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I may not be a brony, but I’m sure as hell a Christian

Yes, because I am one now.

I like Christians now

Have you wondered what the Bible says about anxieties like the one's Twilight experienced that are rooted in worrying about the future? Do you or someone know suffer from worrying about the future? This video analyzes their similarities.

346252 I highly hope that this group can help you then.

Yay for #50 member even though Im not Christian. :trollestia:

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Hey there. I haven't written, though I suppose I can offer my services as an artist. Most of my work is traditional style in a digital format, via ArtRage. Here's my dA page page: SynCallio (Commission only. I wish I could do requests, but I have a full time job.)

Also, representing Nebraska! Woo!

Representing USA-SD here.

you sure you didn't mean to make that for brony car enthusiasts? bit random if ya ask me!

Hey why not. Texas represent.

297442>>297430 Sorry it took so long to reply. For some reason it never actually told me you joined. Thanks for joining! Feel free to add any of your stories to the group!

So few, so few have come... (Anyone recognize the distorted movie line?)

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