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This is a place where everypony is invited, even though I highly encourage that mostly Christians and new believers join. This is meant to be a safe, happy, Christian environment. Here are a few simple rules to follow:

1. No harassing. There will be people that you will not agree with because people of all dominations are allowed. Remember, What Would Jesus Do.
2. No cuss words, & no taking God's name in vain (oh my god, etc.)
3. No shipping or clop. This group is less about ponies (in general), and more open to discussion.
4. No debates, arguments, fights, or whatever you feel like calling it. There is a difference between arguing and stating. Please nothing hurtful towards others, like in rule 1.
5. No trolling.
6. Threads are allowed, but please no debates/arguments. While it is okay to have threads about questioning your (and others') faith, please do not get into fights about it.
7. Obey these rules. (Rule 4 can be an exception depending on how it is meant.)
8. If you have any questions or ideas about or for this group, feel free to PM me.

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"Not only so, but we[a] also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5 And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us." - Romans 5:3

I haven't picked up the bible in years. Well, before a few days ago. I remembered a time that an atheist friend referenced this verse for me. He doesn't believe in God's existence, but he can get down with the bible having useful wisdom. I heard him say this and replied, "Um...seriously? You?" Then he replied, "Um....yes? What do I learn from the good times? Almost nothing. What do I learn from suffering? A ****ton."

I didn't pick up the bible because every scripture I read or used for encouragement, there was always someone else to say "no it means this" or "no you're using it selfishly, you have to use it in this context."

If an atheist can benefit from God's Word, even though he doesn't believe in God, then why the heck am I using the opinion of MAN to stop God's Word from helping me during rough patches of life? Like...who are YOU to decide how God's Word gets me through the rough times? Who are YOU to interfere with how God's Healing and God's Work that puts strength back in these legs and arms that I thought were too spent to move anymore, that breathes life and energy into this weary and tired soul that's been battered around a little by life?

Just a little testimony I felt compelled to share.

It's completely okay if you disagree, I just ask that you be respectful.

So who here uses discord?

If all the people who actually complained about the two candidates would actually vote 3rd party, we would have had a 3rd party president by now.

413415 3rd Party doesn't get enough support sadly but it helps to avoid the crazies who basically worship who they vote for.

The principle of the matter is that if nobody wanted Hillary or Trump but they still want to vote woman then they missed out on Bernie and... uh... I think there was a black lady on the Republican side? I forgot her name.

I could be wrong.

On a side note: America has successfully gone black... then gone back. So I guess we're an off orange?


Trump's definitely better than Hillary, but I didn't vote for either, I voted 3rd party.

413404 I have that same mindset. Just because I voted Trump doesn't mean I'm going to disown anybody who's a Hillary supporter nor am I going to kiss Trump's feet. In retrospect, I didn't study enough on either so I added what the party's majority believes in.

After Obama's double term of screwing the black community that voted for him twice and Hillary's many, many genocides and "We need to move forward; stop being closed minded" disasters I kinda realized that either the Liberal Democrats or bad. (:trollestia: or Bill Clinton runs the Illuminati. That wouldn't surprise me.)

How bad is butt touching compared to genocide, of all races and ages as well as a "No Flight Zone" made to piss off Putin?


Evangelical Christianity in America comes bundled with other religions like Republicanism and nationalism. I wasn't a Hillary supporter, but I didn't vote for Trump, either. I'll not vote for the lesser of two evils, because it's still voting for evil.

Hello everyone here. Normally I would type "Pray for America" but that doesn't scratch the surface. Due to recent development... despite the good majority not liking this... we need Donald J. Trump to become president.

I'm not saying Hillary Clinton is the anti-christ but if you hear "Christians need to denounce their faith so that they can have an open mind" then I don't know what to think. Obviously, we need to get together and stop the Democrat tyranny that we let happen. I don't care for Trump but at least he's not saying that kind of stuff AND has a real plan as opposed to this psycho!

404616 God bless you. Heck, the fact that I am living is because of Christ. I'm not talking about depression type stuff; I literally would have died not even a day old in the hospital room. God blessed me and my family in so many ways but that doesn't mean our lives are and will be perfect. For every lost family member dead or not he has provided stability.

Did you know that a perfect relationship consists of two partners contributing to each other while striving for Christ? God is the perfect in everyone's relationship and those who search for Jesus will be closer together to their partner? I thought it was a neat tid-bit.

Awesome group here. I'll join.

I'm new to Fimfiction and thought I'd find me a group for Christians. I'm a fairly new believer. I got saved 7 months ago and I really can't see why I didn't accept Jesus sooner! I might get emotional just typing about it! LOL One day I'll be able to share the events that led up to me getting saved, I'll probably do it through fanfiction, but for now I'm just gonna say that I hope everyone has a blessed night. :)

I've been looking for something like this! Yay!

I'm a young Filipino girl who currently lives in Canada and I'm also a Christian

I am a young earth creationist christian from holland
may I join?

Personally if there are any blog posts I think they should be addressing problems of the world and how we can strive to make it better. On top of that the only other blog posts should be verses from the bible and the good news of the world!

Interesting group here..... Sense I am a man of relegon I will hitch a ride!
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