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OC Bio: (mega) skye is an eccentric zebra unicorn. his body is azure and sky blue. His interests are wearing “baby sized’ diapers that are marked with the mane 6’s cutie marks.


Old Story update · 4:25am Feb 2nd, 2022

About 7 years ago I uploaded a few chapters of a fanfiction called "Twilight and Pinkie’s Diaper Adventure. I've been inactive for several years rarely checking in to this site (mostly to recheck old favorites and messages). For the foreseeable future I see myself continuing this trend, but, I might as well share what I had from this work due to a few people who may want to reread it/read the rough draft ending chapters.

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A moderator was able to restore the old version of the story. I've been talking with SuperPinkBrony12 about redoing and finishing: the unfinished ending(s) and penultimate chapters. For example: the old version that was restored and the one on writing.com have two slightly different versions of the ending chapters. both were based off of the same rough outline.

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