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Hey its been a bit · 7:50pm Oct 12th, 2016

I know there's only like 9 people who follow me but I've ben the last few year or so, I've been out of the loop really and I only got back to reading things here this summer, thats about it imma be around making comments and doing other things but thats about it, see ya whenever I post a thing.

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Thank you for adding Rarity's Foal to your favorites.
Glad you enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you again soon!


I saw you added my story Metamorphosis to your favourites, thank you very much!

Achievement unlocked!

You earned the...

...would a group of fans of Changeling fics be called a swarm?

Thanks for adding DJ-P4NTL3SS to your library!

Thank you for the favorite on No Pony's Sky!

I'm glad you enjoyed, or plan to enjoy, the story. Have fun! :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for favoriting A Gentle Breeze of Change!

Thanks for the fav!

Thank you for the fav on You Are Not Alone!

1263182 Your Welcome i am trying out reading other kinds of story and get inspiration for my own

Thank ya for the favorite and a belated welcome to FIM

Followed :3

Thank you for your favourite!

1249209 thanks for that i am gonna get thinking on tat but like mother always said if you have a big project always start fresh in the morning and where i am its after 10 pm so i am gonna be think maybe some who in it add some stuff. Really i want story writing to be a first step in going where i want to go in life making music on YouTube and gaming well thx.

1249195 The way I started my main fic was "If I was put in charge of writing an MLP theatrical release, what would I write?"

That's where you should start, in my opinion.

1249108 trying to get my first fic out though i have no idea what to do for it i have one idea but its probably never gonna see the light of day if ya have any ideas i like DW so maybe something like that idk any ideas for me give em because i have no ideas i will someday maybe have an idea on something

Thanks for the watch, and the fav on birth of the doctor.

Allow me the honor of being your first follower.:twilightsmile:

1240695 Thanks i'm actually working on my first story gonna be up soon hope ya can give it a reed anyway hoping the best the story Higher Senses and more

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I'm back

I've been inactive since like 2014 if you didn't notice 8 people who follow me, so I'm gonna be here doing whatever you do here again.

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