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This group objective will be to help people with their crossovers, and also to talk all things regarding Megaman and Pony.
I hope that this group will be able to live on with the motto of this fandom:
"Love and Tolerate."

If you want help with one of your fics, or just start a conversation inside the group, please feel free to do so by creating a message thread.

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So, I'm planning a series of crossover fanfics. It'll start off primarily as Sonic/My Little Pony, but overtime, Megaman (of both the classic and Legends variety), Parappa, Sly Cooper, and even Spongebob (don't worry, it won't be bad like the modern show) will be worked in. I'm planing to call it...
The Chronicles Of Mobiquis
...since events will cause Mobius and Equestia to fuse into one planet. Stories will flop back and forth between Prime! Sonic, Twilight, and co, and their human expies. I know, it sounds convoluted and crazy, but give it a chance when I start posting it.

Is it possible that applejack can be zero in megaman zero 1 to 4 and fluttershy as ciel?

to maverickhunterzero

thank you


I was wondering if anyone will be willing to make me a alicorn megaman zero for my story cover art???:twilightsheepish::twilightsheepish::twilightsheepish:

Here, there is a little something from me to you all. I wanna welcome all the new members as always, take care all of you and as always rock on :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Brony117 deleted May 3rd, 2014

Ugoki hajimeta arata no UEEBU
Midare wo furikireru chikara to yuuki tamesu you ni

Sora no kanata ukabu basho no kioku
Ima shizuka ni tashika ni yomigaeru

Atsui kizuna (atsui kizuna)
Tsunagi awase (tsunagi awase)
OOPAATSU motome (tobi dasu)
TORAIBU ON ima ga sono toki

Katai kizuna (katai kizuna)
Tashikame ai (tashikame ai)

Me wo tojiteite mo (kanjite)
Shinji susumu chikara wo kagiri mae e to:ajsmug:

Comment posted by ssj3tails deleted Apr 20th, 2014

The reason is that they are kind of like cousins right?

By the way have you tried using applejack as megaman.exe and braeburn as lan hikari?

Can't you just look at my story

In case you guys missed it, chapter two is up while chapter three is in the works. so check it out!

Highlight your story,copy and paste it on the message and I'll have a look at it.

How do I pm you my story brony117

Hey everybody, good news! chapter two of my megaman fanfic is almost done! but it needs to be typed after im done writing it, and its a pain! anyway I hope you like the chapter, because it felt different the way I hoped it would be. I tried to keep it the same way as the game, but with a few things altered. just wait until the chapter is posted and tell me what you think.

I'll do what I can to help. PM me the story of the fanfic and I'll see what I can do to make it a good story.

Thank but can you help me brony117 because it's my first story

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