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My favorite heros are villians.


More than anywhere else. · 5:42pm February 7th

I'm not sure if I'm just naturally stoic, or maybe it's another fraction of "guyness" that actually stuck. Most of the time I think my only mentally male feature is having to carry everything out of the car at once. I even joke about it.

I don't physically feel sad very much.

That's not to say that I'm immune, I'm not. And I think I've got empathy in spades. I make a great shoulder, and a good ear. But to feel moved, personally? Just doesn't happen a lot. Not even when Ma died.

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Thank you very much for adding Away to your favourites, I appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

You’ve got a good bio quote.

Thank you for adding Double Trouble to your favorites! That’s a huge compliment, and is very much appreciated!
If you wouldn't mind, I would greatly appreciate it if you would share your opinion of the story--either by comments or messages. It would mean a lot to me, as my readers’ opinions and observations help me become a better writer.

Thanks again!


Hey, thanks for reading Actually, I'm Dead, glad you liked it. Since I'm always interested in my readers' opinions, I would like to know yours too.

Have a Bowie's thumbs up.

Thank you very much for adding Magical to your library!

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