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Bittersweet Bronycon · 1:10am Aug 7th, 2019

I went to Bronycon this year. It was the first time I'd gone since 2016, and I went because it was the last hurrah. I went as a regular attendee this year; no panels, no working on staff, no crazy schedules or set in stone plans. I just went without really announcing it, and I figured I'd just roll with the punches. I saw new faces, old faces, had experiences familiar and foreign. Some people had a lot of time to hang out and talk, others were so busy I was lucky if I got five minutes with

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Why did you cancel your SoTC crossover?

2426636 How did the name of "CyborgSamurai" come to be? Did you come up with that, yourself?

Also, has there ever been a story (that you've written) of which you are most proud of?


I'd try to avoid getting carpal tunnel and thoracic outlet syndrome.

2138626 Is there anything that you would have like to change, had you been given the chance to start all over again? Would you change anything, at all?

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