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The Last Crusade - Chinese Edition · 12:41pm Aug 19th, 2017

Hey, all! Been a while, hasn't it?

I thought I'd give a quick signal boost to something pretty cool. A user by the name of Buller Cranet here on fimfiction has given The Last Crusade a full Chinese translation! All 130k+ words of it! Man, that's a lot of words to translate! Color me impressed!

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2426636 How did the name of "CyborgSamurai" come to be? Did you come up with that, yourself?

Also, has there ever been a story (that you've written) of which you are most proud of?


I'd try to avoid getting carpal tunnel and thoracic outlet syndrome.

2138626 Is there anything that you would have like to change, had you been given the chance to start all over again? Would you change anything, at all?

As I cast my gaze upon thee, author, know that the watch is meant as reward for your talent.

Well I knew this day would come. I'll never forget this PoH it was the story that made me a brony. It was what drew me to this community. Thank you for that. I'll always miss this story, bit can respect your division to put yourself first. Thanks for the amazing run, I'll still hope that someday I'll se it updated again, but it simply is a dream I don't believe will ever be filled. Good luck to you and may your life be pleasant and joyful.

  • Viewing 110 - 114 of 114
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