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TrotCon, Moonlight, and how to write professional speedfics · 2:35am Jun 28th, 2014

First off, I wanted to thank everyone who read and commented on Moonlight. It's definitely my favorite story I've written yet, and it was great to see it get such a positive reception. As far as a sequel goes, I have no plans at the moment, but I might revisit it later for a short story or oneshot. The dream setting opens up a lot of possibilities, and that made it a really fun story to write.

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Nah. He hasn't been online since 2015. The person who translated the fic into Korean did it without asking, I'm pretty sure.

Did the author ever answer you? I wanted to translate it in another language...

Hello there, I'm pretty sure you don't sign into your account anymore but here goes. I read Anthropology a pretty long time ago. Not a lot of Koreans are fluent at English, so I remember explaining the storyline to my friend who couldn't read it.

Alright what's up with this comment? You may ask. Here's the gist:
A translated version of Anthropology has been created, and even printed!
Is it available to buy though? Kinda. The book has no ISBN, so it's for personal keeping. However the guy who put this together is willing to take orders and ship them, as soon as more work on the book is done - fixing typos and such.

Thought I'd just give you a heads up, you deserve to know. If you don't want this book produced, just let me know and I'll pass the word along.

Now that was a good read,and yes i'm gonna eat that.
There was enough humor to carry the story along.

See you, space cowboy...

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