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TrotCon, Moonlight, and how to write professional speedfics · 2:35am Jun 28th, 2014

First off, I wanted to thank everyone who read and commented on Moonlight. It's definitely my favorite story I've written yet, and it was great to see it get such a positive reception. As far as a sequel goes, I have no plans at the moment, but I might revisit it later for a short story or oneshot. The dream setting opens up a lot of possibilities, and that made it a really fun story to write.

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First comment of 2017!

Get good scrub. Rest in spaghetti never forgetti

Wherever you've gone, hope you're as happy as you made us with your fantastic writing.

2244499 can you blame the man? just looking at his page its nothing but randoms demanding either a sequel to anthropology or variations on it. that would get old quick. for all we know he could be writing under another name, just lurking, or actually be dead IRL. we'll probably never know. just be glad he's kept his stuff up for future fans and those who loved it when it was released chapter by chapter.

All around me are familiar faces...

What type of style do you type the stories you type and what type of stories do you type in that type of typing the stories you type?

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