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Holy shit I keep forgetting this place is even a thing. I should probably do some stuff on here...


$5 says none of you remember me. XD · 12:59am Mar 27th, 2014

Hey there all you various people and other things that have followed me over the insanely long time I've been on here. My life has been an absolute roller coaster over the past... 6? 10 months? I don't even know the last time I made one of these bloody things. It is a really long story, but suffice it to say I've done an awful lot of soul searching and just living of life in general.

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...why am I leaving a comment on this page? It might as well be dead. The last time you signed on was more than six weeks ago. You know what? Forget it. Just pretend this comment doesn't exist. Chances are you'll be better off, or at least less distracted, if you do just that. Even if you do acknowledge this comment as a Thing That Exists, I implore you, do not respond to it. If you must read it, go ahead, but please do not respond. Thank you for your cooperation.

I have too much free time,


327208 Good for ya. I'm always lookinjg for the "artists in training", like the two I mentioned earlier and ask for art pieces with detail to see how far they can manage. If I give them something too hard, they usually say it, and then they start working a bit harder on those sort of things.

Meanwhile, all the creative stories I make don't get any attention.:ajsleepy: I worked hard on a more recent one, and it got next to no attention.:twilightangry2:

This is me trying to get attention.



I don't plan on disappearing any time soon. :ajsmug: I'd be happy to do a little doodle for ya. I always have commissions open, but at the same time, I'm always trying to improve my art skills through practice.

As for Afterlife, yeah, I just lost the will to write it. I've tried and tried, but it is dead. I've moved on to a new story, and it seems to be going much better than Afterlife ever did, though it is much less popular... Meh, tis still fun to write.

327168 Art? I'm always looking to enlarge the art variety in my possession. I'm not going to ask for any now, but would you actually take a single, simple request? Seeing how well you draw, it'd be worth it to atleast get ONE from you. DON'T disappear. I already lost two artists. I've found a few more, but two are still developping their talents (they're pretty good, still), and one just went into a college, so he doesn't have much time.:ajbemused:

Also, Y U CANCEL AFTERLIFE?! Lose inspiration?


Long time, no see! How've ya been? I've been pretty wrapped up with my many art projects and such.

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