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I wrote my first fanfic in 1993 and have been writing every since.


Short Story 5: Shadows of the Past is up · 2:46am Nov 27th, 2016

Shadows of the Past is up now!
It's a Pinkie Pie/Luna teamup!

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Even years later this still holds up as one of the better MLP Fanfics IMO.
Weird that you only wrote one though.

You're the guy who wrote Children of an Elder God, right? That was one of the major influences that got me interested in cosmic horror, so I just had to say thank you for that!
Not... exactly pony related, but still something I needed to say.


Thanks! Praise is the only pay fanfic authors get, so I never say no to it

Oh wow, it's you! I didn't know you were here. Your early anime fanfics were what helped me really get into anime (and fandom in general). I ordinarily wait for an author to put out three stories I like before I follow them but you're prequalified in my opinion.


Life can be quite the busy bee. No worries - the years seem to slip by ever-faster these days!

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