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Hi! I'm Lurks-no-More: a pony writer, RPG player, SF and fantasy fan, and a general nerd. I hope you enjoy my stories!


Ponyfinder is up on Bundle of Holding! · 9:15am July 17th

To any and all D&D and Pathfinder players and other fans of tabletop RPGs: Ponyfinder is currently up on Bundle of Holding!

It’s USD 12.95 for the corebook, bestiary and three adventures. And if you offer more than the level-up threshold (USD 20.55 at the time I posted this), you also get three supplements and another adventure. :twistnerd:

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One has not truly lived until they hear the soundtrack to that game!

Thanks for the fave on Ember, Hoardsmelter.

Woo, auspicious!

I'd entirely forgotten you wrote Harissa, which I really liked. So you're welcome.

Thanks for the watch. You are my 100th follower, congratulations (and thank you again)!:pinkiehappy:

Hey, thanks for the watch, glad to see you're enjoying my work :twilightsmile:

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