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I am a 21 year old male artist that also writes fanfiction sometimes. My fic was rejected from Equestria Daily, but they recommended uploading it here so I'm deciding to. Hope it's alright.


Um...This is Bad.... · 7:07am Mar 2nd, 2012

Not that hardly anyone will care considering how few of people have stuck with my story to the latest chapter (according to the total views thingy), but me's encountered a little...uh...problem with my story: The Wackiness of Unofficial Life. Now for those that haven't realized I have these chapters done weeks in advance when I finally put them up on this site. So that means there are two chapters I have ready and waiting to still put up here as of current.

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So, your story was added to Spilight recently and I was wondering if this actually was a Spilight or just had some moments during the story. I would like to read it if it was, but I stop reading teases after 100,000 words.

No comments? But the wakiness is great!

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