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Short Hand: After Equestria Girls 2 · 10:29pm May 2nd

Twilight: "Come on, come on! Hurry up!"

Shepherd: cooking up the bacon "Geez, be patient Twi! Come on!"

Twilight: "Sorry... It's just so amazing... I can smell it and the meat is so amazing...!"

Shepherd: "Here." He sets it on a plate in front of her

Twilight: "Thank you!" She bites down... Chews... Bites and eats some more... "Oh no...!"

Shepherd: "What? Is it not good?"

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Amazing humor and great writing :raritystarry:

Can you link this mash story series you mention in your fics? Like what is this mash universe and/original story?
Edit: nm I monke I found it

I got notes of you want them

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