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Plot Bunny Theater: Moichendizing! · 11:22pm Last Thursday

Random pony idea. The Main 6 all have novels, comics, and other media based on them. Or roughly based on them. Along with merchandise. Their reactions to this stuff could be fun. And very lewd.

Dash: "So, what's a flesh light? I mean, if it's a flashlight, it's blocked by the bits on it. Why do they match my fur?"

Rarity: "I can't bring myself to tell her....."

Fluttershy: "I'm actually surprised she doesn't know what one is, I mean I even know."

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Forgive me if you already explained this somewhere, but do you write the Short Hand blog posts with the possibility of them being worked into the actual story?

Thanks for writing such a great fic!

Thanks for the favorite!

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