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For all those people who love Andrew Joshua Talon, especially with his stories "Beating The Heat" and "Hands"!
'Nuff said.

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you know i was just going through discords fantasy island and realised we really need someone to compile them for andrew to post here

Now I'm not quite sure if anyone may see this if the poor club is dead, but go check out the Discord's Fantasy Island thread and give it a whirl! :yay::pinkiehappy::twilightblush::trollestia:

Was already done by BroniusMaximus, with "Home on the Range".

284155 If anyone can do it, everyone's favourite spider can.

284154 You hear that, 284091? Make MacinDash popular.

284152 It may have a following, but the number of fanworks for it is so small it gets overshadowed by even the immoral ships (i.e. polyamory ships or incest ships).

284151 The last one is already true.

284129 The completion of Hands, Stories In Stone and the realization of MacinDash as a legitimate ship.

It will lead you to something awesome. Hopefully.

Thank you.

Almost every fan club that involves an author (Except for AbsoluteAnonymous) has been created by me. I felt Andrew Joshua Talon deserved it (2 stories in the top 10 most favorite. And look at his avatar picture! CLASSIC!)

That's how amazing it is. And how good AJT is (I'm just gonna call Andrew that from now on, if it's ok with him).

What's left?

'Cause no one else has a mind like me.


Hello, people. It's the creator here.

This is going to be so AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:

Hello all. Welcome to the fan club. I encourage you to debate my stories and perhaps peruse the story ideas I've posted up for your appreciation and (hopefully) use in a work of fiction of your own.

why has nobody made this until now?

And now my life is almost complete.

First group I have joined

It's about time this popped up. Andrew really does deserve his own fan club.

Let's see where this leads me...:trixieshiftright::duck:

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