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A place to put all you human X pony fics.

1: All submitted stories must have at least one human falling for or having a relasionship with someone from Equestria (either in their normal form, or humanized but the human is aware they are not human) that is shown as not abusive or dark. The story itself must feature this as a major part of the story. Exceptions are parody stories which still require a theme of Human and 'pony' pairing, and isn't too dark/hurtful.

Please place the stories in only one folder. Parody stories go into the Parody folder. Crossovers belong in the Crossover folder. Otherwise sort it by rating.

Rules for where stories go can be found here.
2: No Trolling.

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Is there some good , long and complete human x pony romance fics? hadnt read a good one in a minute! also preferably not harem pls thank u :twilightsheepish:

Apakah saya bisa mendapatkan beberapa saran? Sedang mencari cerita tentang seorang manusia yang memiliki rasa percaya diri yang sangat rendah atau penuh dengan kebencian pada dirinya sendiri. HiE (Human in Equestria), kuda poni merasakan bahwa dia membutuhkan bantuan dan mereka mencoba membantunya. Dia menghindari mendapatkan bantuan sebisa mungkin. Entah dia mengatakan bahwa dia tidak membutuhkannya atau tidak menginginkannya. Tetapi mungkin dia merasa bahwa dia tidak pantas mendapatkannya. Bahkan dia mungkin secara aktif menjauh dari mereka. Pergi ke kota lain atau mungkin meninggalkan Equestria secara keseluruhan. Apa saja manfaat

Wondering if I could get some suggestions. Looking for a story with a human that has either extremely low self confidence or is filled with self loathing. HiE, ponies pick up on that he needs help and they try. He avoids getting help as much as he can. Either he says he doesn't need it or doesn't want it. But probably just feels he doesn't deserve it. So much so that he might actively run away from them. Go to another city or maybe leave Equestria entirely.

Anything like that out there?

hi am looking for a human in mlp story about a man who a biker and was hit by a fireball while racing and ends in the mlp would he later dates Lyra heartstrings who a still way master said human for a herd with rarity Fluttershy octavia luna it's a slice if life story comedy help so if anyone can give me a name that be great i think it was rider

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Comment posted by Slavay45 deleted May 29th, 2022

Someone REALLY needs to go through the folders for this group. I've seen 6 Mature stories in the Rated E folder, and 2 Teen stories in the Rated E folder. Of the 6 Mature stories that I found in the Rated E folder, I found 5 of them were tagged with the Sex tag.

Comment posted by Ravatos deleted Mar 17th, 2021

Howdy, new member here. I'm writing a story now (its getting approved as this is being typed) and as soon as it does, I'm going to add it to the teen rating under Main six. Can't wait for y'all to read it!

Somepony named dar88 added a story rated M into T and E folders. I just wanted to give you a heads up.

Comment posted by LordKioshi deleted Aug 12th, 2020

Writing my first Fic, it’s the first one in a second person human/Anon series I’m working on.

Anon x Vinyl Scratch. Is the first romance story I’m working on. :derpytongue2: I’m done with the first chapter, any suggestions from you guys on writing second person Anon Fics?

Hey, there's a story I'm trying to find:
Taking place before Twilight Sparkle arrives in Ponyville, a human ends up in the small town and impregnates the other members of the Main 6.

If it is a side part of the story then it most likely doesn't belong here. If the unrequited love is a major part of the story (even if it is shared with other major parts) then it may belong to the sub folders of "It's complicated". Because even complicated relationships stories can go here.

But best wait until you've had the story grow, just in case you change your mind as you are writing future chapters.

I have one that I'm currently writing call My Little Destiny. Supposed to be an epic. And there is human-pony romance, but so far, it's early. Hasn't had time to grow. Only hinted at, and one of the romances is unrequited. Don't know whether I should add it. Probably not.

Write more fics pls!

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