Humans falling in love with ponies. 4,578 members · 1,955 stories

A place to put all you human X pony fics.

1: All submitted stories must have at least one human falling for or having a relasionship with someone from Equestria (either in their normal form, or humanized but the human is aware they are not human) that is shown as not abusive or dark. The story itself must feature this as a major part of the story. Exceptions are parody stories which still require a theme of Human and 'pony' pairing, and isn't too dark/hurtful.

Please place the stories in only one folder. Parody stories go into the Parody folder. Crossovers belong in the Crossover folder. Otherwise sort it by rating.

Rules for where stories go can be found here.
2: No Trolling.

Humans on Royalty group. For all your royal pony needs.
Celestia X Humans. For those seeking the sunrise.
Human Harems. Humans get all the ponies.
Human X Anthro. A Group for stories about humans with anthropomorphic ponies.
Human X Cadance. A Group for stories about humans with the Princess of Love.

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Does it still count if mentioned in passing?

Can humans include mutant turtles? I have a tmnt mlp crossover where the ponies fall in love with the turtles.

I see my fic was added here. Glad to be here~<3

and with those stories you get stuff like this

but that's not a bad thing!

I cannot believe so many of my stories got added here. I'm quite happy with how much people enjoy a good human x pony romance story

Hi everyone. i just joined the group and have written a HIE first person/ Octavia story . Its been on hold for about a year, since a fim fiction writer and my son both mercilessly slammed it and my ability to finish it . Yes it does need a LOT of work, but the (plot) its a clop fic is pretty solid and well thought out. Rather than abandon the project i was wondering if anyone is interested in editing the story GENTLY .

Make a fetish folder for the sick minded writes out there. For their he-bitches.

401916 It do to the write are being lazy, and their lives are in the way.

It's an edited Banner version of this.

Give it time. School has just started again for quite a lot of people, as well as many returning to work from holidays. There's bound to be more stories made as we get closer to the end of the year.

Celestia's sun butt. I know I've been gone for a long time but I didn't expect to see this much growth.

I Would Love To See A Gabby x Human Fic But Only Time Will Tell :(

What's the source for the group banner?

I have realized that there are little human x fluttershy stories (that AREN'T harem) over 100k words. I think I've read all of them on this sight. . .

Does Anyone Know Any Good Snowdrop x Human Fics And Not Humanized Ponys That Would Be awsome If Anyone Does :pinkiehappy:

im new here hows everyone doing

Does Anyone Know If There Are Any Starlight X Human Stories

  • Viewing 173 - 192 of 192
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