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Medabots · 11:16pm Jul 29th, 2022

Has anyone done a medabots cross over with mlp, I saw a amazing art piece done for a cancer patient at the request of his mother and the artist did the mlp character as humans with they medabots (btw the pieces were amazing) so it got me thinking has anyone done a fan fic story with both said show crossing over in some way ?

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Thanks for the fave.

Thanks for the favorite and the watch!

I seen that one its very similar but the story am thinking of was just called rider if I remember right thanks for telling me away very much appreciate it 👍

I think the fiction you were looking for that had a human on a motorcycle get transported to Equestria and end up with Lyra was called "The Lone Rider."

Thanks your adding Austin and the Young Six’s Sinnoh Adventure to your favorites.

  • Viewing 392 - 396 of 396
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