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About DOOM Eternal · 3:41pm April 2nd

Just like the image says. Eternal is fucking amazing! And yet, Doom 2016 just has something about it that makes me smile more.
Maybe I'll write a review for it in the coming days.

Also, made this post on the bethesda doom forum:why are Dr.Elena Richardson's logs dated to year 2163 when the game takes place in 2150-51? We need an expert!

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He wil have everything :coolphoto:

Life got in the way and as time went on I forgot what my plan was for the next chapter 🙈
Also, yes

Quick question... will Doomguy have his Crucible (his freaking laser sword)?

You haven't touched Adorkable Marefriend in ages. Hung up on Doom? :ajsmug:

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