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Sam was leading a peaceful and quiet life ever since he emerged in Equestria. Making his home in Ponyville, he even managed to find himself a marefriend in Fluttershy. But then Celestia comes up with the Villian Reformation Programme that puts him in quite the predicament. Three former villainesses are now living with him and Fluttershy, as the alternative for two of them was spending an eternity in Tartarus. Should be fine, right?

Just a note, R63 Sombra by the name of Umbra. Because why the hell not...
Had to get this one started before I do anything else.
It's a crossover with another property which I will not name until it's the proper time.
I know the cover art is a very sloppy paste job but it'll do for now.

Featured on October 26th! It's true I saw it! :rainbowlaugh:
A huge thank you to my readers!
Aaaaand it's gone...

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What pics did you throw together to make the cover art? I'm curious.

honestly, no idea. just browsed through e621 and found what I liked best

On Derpibooru, the images are #2112771, #1774333, #1642783, and #1807066.

Love it will be fallowing

I adore this so far.

Looks like someone needs a spanking ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Love it. Let the shenanigans continue! Verily we shall await the next chapter with baited breath!

seems promising. I do like how there is no porn tag

Thanks :twilightsmile:
Maybe then you'll like my other stories? Give them a read when you have time :twilightsmile:

Oh man this looks like a LOT of fun to read. Can't wait to see what happens next. Also, that last line that Luna said just had me cackling.

Is it ridiculous? Yes. Is the plot a bit thin? Yep. Do I give a single flying fuck? I do not. It's funny, the prose is solid, the characters are good, the details work, and the concept is just fun. I would 100% love more of this.

Guilty on all charges.
But, the point is to just have fun writing it and for you to have fun reading it :twilightsmile:

Mission accomplished, good sir. Mission accomplished.

"I'm a bad pony. "

Then I guess you get spankings

I have two more stories. If you have time, see if any of them tickle your fancy. :twilightsmile:

That seems to be the general consensus :twilightblush:

Fluttershy is Yellow not Orange.

Well, that was entertaining to read. Will definitely be watching this.
On that note, Sam should be happy it didn't get any "worse". He could have also have had to deal with a female Discord. Her just moving in because she wants to watch the chaos ensue, and because she is friends with Fluttershy, is most likely something that she would do.

Too late. The idea has already been planted.

Btw, new chapter of Adorkable is out and there's something in the author notes that might be of interest to you and my other readers :twilightsmile:

Well, this is starting out in an appropriately ridiculous fashion in the best sense of the word. Tracking. :raritywink:

Also, to Sam and Fluttershy:

This is super, I like how you establish the dynamic pretty quickly. I can see other people feeling it's rushed, but it works with the zany tone. :rainbowlaugh:

"Of course we do. That's why we placed an enchanted ring o her horn to prevent the use of magic. " before Sam could interrupt she continued "It's heavily enchanted and can only be removed by you and it has to be done willingly. "

I think you mean to say "an enchanted ring on her horn".

This has earned a fave.

Welp I'm following this is good so far and I'm looking forward to more!

True, true. My keyboard acts up sometimes. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

More interesting stuff!

"I'm a bad pony. "

And it is at this moment the humble commenter met his untimely end.

Yes. All of my yes! I'm going to follow this like a lawyer follows an ambulance!

That ending sentence got a laugh from me

Oooo. Some intrigue into Sam's backstory. Should be interesting to see how that plays out.

Aw Bug butt got sick from too much love.:duck:

How are Sombra and Chrysalis former antagonists? And why would Celestia send Luna, and not Nightmare Moon to Tartarus?

Not former, they still are. They're playing along with Celestia's little program to avoid being sent to Tartarus while they plan their escape.
Luna was made to join the program so she could be closer to Sam.
Hence the Alt. Universe tag.

"I'm a bad pony. "

You have a gift for hilarity. I busted out laughing as soon as I read this.

If you haven't thought of it a pretty decent idea would have Umbra having nightmares about being blasted by the energy from the crystal heart. After all being dispersed the way Sombra was in the show couldn't have been fun.

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