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While studying the Tree of Harmony, Princess Twilight Sparkle stumbles upon and releases an ancient evil hidden deep beneath the tree itself. Luckily, she also releases the only one who can stop it... The Last Dragonborn, Skarin of Atmora, awakens in a new world born from the ashes of the old one and must, once and for all, defeat The World Eater Alduin. But first he must adapt to this new and strange world he finds himself in and gather as many allies as he can. Maybe even fall in love?

The title "Kulaas ahrk Dovah" is dragon for "Princess and Dragon", lack of grammar accuracy since dragons don't really care for proper sentence structure.

The story starts with the beginning of season 5, between episodes 2 and 3 and continues from there following canonical-ish episodes and new storylines.

Also, no herd for our Dragonborn.

Cover art done by the amazing marking!

Featured on May 6th 2019! :pinkiehappy:

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This is fukin awesome!!! Love skyrim, please get more chapters out.

Not bad, for a first. Although I haven’t read it yet, I’m planning on doing it in my freetime. I’ll keep track on your progress.

You have caught my attention. Let's see where this goes.

oh my.

i dunno if Discord is wearing pants or something but if he do wear pants i think he will piss himself when he finds out that Alduin is free.... he sounded quite scared when he tried to warn Twilight and Celestia.

gonna fav to track this story

Also, no herd for our Dragonborn.

In that chase I try it. I mean I just want a one on one relationship again and that is actually the biggest reason why I want to try this story now. My hype for this game is just gone mostly.

I go back and play it occasionally for old times sake but yeah... With skyrim being recycled every year it lost it's "classic hit" status and became like FIFA or PES games.

As for the no herd thing, I'm not convinced dozens of mares would just fall for one guy in the first few chapters and it would be a hassle trying to make it all seem "plausible". I like reading herd stories but I just can't seem to incorporate the herd dynamic in mine.

Anyway, thanks for the vote of confidence and I hope you enjoy what I have planned for the story!:moustache:

It could havr been better but my phone id giving me trouble :facehoof:

*Gabriel Iglesias voice* DAYUM!
It's perfect! Thank you so much! Putting it up right now! :moustache:

Awesome that you like it. There were other decent once where I got it, but wasn't sure which would be good.

Could you link the place where you found them please? Maybe I find some for the sequels :3

Can't link it because it is a nsfw site. So instead go search e621, and in its search bar put in princess_celestia_(mlp) anthro solo rated:safe. Just copy that without the period, and you sould get the results. If you want the nsfw pictures as well just leave out the rated:safe part.

I know the site xD rated:safe was missing from my searches though
Thanks again and I hope you'll enjoy reading the upcoming chapters :moustache:

You're welcome. Looking forward to them.

Discord was who?!?!?

i will just leave this hear

It's just... I don't know if it's "Here's something to help you on your way" or "You're doing it wrong, educate yourself" sorry... I'm just paranoid like that :fluttershyouch:

its the first one so you can prevent the second one

You just had to go and touch it...

Hey I feel like this could go somewhere. I like this
Hey so what kind of armor is he wearing is it dragon bone

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Yes, it is dragon bone armor, though he wearin regular pants at the moment :twilightsheepish:. As for visualization, I see it as the Ebonsteel Dragonbone armor mod from the nexus. You can of course visualize as you like :moustache:

Interesting. We'll have to see where this goes.

I don't think a "DON' TOUCH SIGN" would help with her

I hope you don’t tone down Skarin’s attitude. I love these “I don’t give a shit” characters. Especially when dealing with uptight snobby ponies, Celestia’s overly loyal student, or arrogant useless guards.

No worries. The snobs will get what they deserve, Twilight will have to learn about boundaries and the guards will understand just how useless they are. :moustache:

And don't forget the stubborn egotistical AJ/RD, and the snooty drama queen Rarity, I can imagine if they say or do anything, they'll end up eating their words faster then they can say "I TAKE IT BACK".:rainbowlaugh:

We'll see what happens once he actually meets them :moustache:

When you notice the 'Romance' tag.

Never should have come here...

I kid, I kid. This actually looks pretty damn cool.


I have some things up my sleeve to keep the cool factor going 😎
Hope I don't disappoint :moustache:

I heard about you and your honeyed words!

Nah, heh, I'll be keeping an eye on this one. :raritywink:

Soooo did you get that free time? :twilightsmile:

Welllll two more chapters are out :pinkiehappy:
No.4 is also on it's way :moustache:

I am enjoying this so far! :pinkiehappy:

Don't put spaces between quotation marks and whatever is in the marks. It is improper.

the nobles of Canterlot demanded lower taxes for nobility while increasing the ones for the general populace

Alright. But, only if you increase the pay of your workers and produce more jobs to hire more people for increased wages and benefits such that the increased tax on the general populace will be less than they are already paying proportional to how much they are paid. Effectively decreasing taxes for both noble and commoner while substantially increasing the royal coffers to be used for public works and improved quality of life for my subjects. Whats that? You don't have workers? Oh, well. Sucks for you.

Taxes: when politicians want more for less and are too egotistical to accept everyone benefiting.

Thanks for the advice. The spaces are actually an old habbit/reflex from my time at fanfiction.net where for some reason the site's text box considered anything after a dot without spacing to be a link. The site didn't allow for links to be in stories so it automatically removed a lot of text because of it. It's hard to reprogram myself but I'll try.

As for taxes, it was just to paint the scene a little but I will take that into consideration in the future. I'm trying to keep the story simple to read and easy to follow.

Thanks for your input. :moustache:

To be fair, despite wanting Skarin to kill the ponies since they are clearly desperate to make themselves his enemies, this is mostly well-written and is certainly entertaining. That, and I hope for Dovahkiin-Celestia, lol. I get the feeling those two would be sweet together. The only adults in a world of toddlers.

Try not to jump around the time frames at all. Or at least, the lead into the chapter shouldn't come at the near end of the chapter.

that's when Twilight used her magic to knock him out, with his own shield no less.

Welp, that's it. Kill the bitches. Seriously, attacking you for literally no reason at all? I mean, truly no reason. This isn't one of those fics where it was a misunderstanding, or she was scared, or something else where normally I would still say "no reason". This is a case in which there was literally absolutely no reason. It would be like the next time someone walks up to you, you nail them in the head with a heavy object and knock them out.

The warrior was carried of in a magical aura by her sister and placed in the dungeon for security reasons. Luna had a really bad feeling about all of this. She knew it was bad, but not how bad. Luna needed answers.

If the Dragonborn needed any confirmation that the ponies are the villains, he has it. Really, imprisoning him for, again, literally no reason at all. I'm SURE that will convince him they mean him no harm. Because waking up in a dank cell after SAVING EVERYONE'S LIVES just SCREAMS "trustworthy good guys".

Her guard made an astute observation about him being hairless

Very astute. I doubt anyone had noticed he was furless. Definitely. Surely, it was merely invisible.

Storm Hammer raised his sword in preparation.

So, not only do they lock him up FOR SAVING THEIR LIVES, but they also intend to MURDER HIM if he frees himself? Aren't you supposed to try to make the good guys actually good? No, seriously. How you've portrayed the ponies in their interactions with Skarin would normally make them the bad guys if we didn't have our own knowledge of MLP to go off of.

If you don't have ill intentions towards someone, you don't try to force information out of them, you ask nicely. He was attacked and imprisoned by the people whose lives he saved and is being interrogated by them on things he would have happily told them freely if they had merely asked (or listened to him rant at them).

If you would please calm down so we can talk like civilized ponies?

Your student attacked him without reason, you locked him up without reason, you threaten him, and now you want him to calm down and talk civilly? Celestia and really all the ponies so far have behaved like savage barbarians. Who the hell are they to talk of civility!? They have made it perfectly clear that they are his enemies.

From what Celestia told him, the mysterious creature saved his sister's life. He had to find it, well, him, from what Shining could tell, and thank him properly.

At least Shining Armor is not pants-on-head thus far. He gets the idea. I hope he is shocked and pissed at what happened to our badass at the hands of the princess jerkasses.

I look forward to more. Especially because I like Skarin pissing of Celestia with his "do what is necessary, no matter how you feel about it" versus her obtusely self-destructive self-righteousness. Basically, this story thanks to Alduin will put Celestia in a position where she will have to accept that Skarin's ways are correct.

Like the eating a soul thing. She makes no attempt to learn the circumstances of it, she just calls it barbaric and would probably have attacked and imprisoned him over it in any other circumstance. Well, attacked him and gotten her ass kicked, actually, but that is beside the point. If she asked, she would learn that really the dov are just fragments of Akatosh and so really it isn't so much "eating a soul" as it is a small piece of a greater whole joining another piece. Technically, the dragons and dragonborn are not even separate entities, just pieces of Akatosh that think they are unique beings and behave independently.

The Thu'um is the language of creation, of the universe itself. It is essentially used to command reality.

You fail again?

Oh, I'm sorry, who was it that released Alduin again? Right.

Your failure is what is putting my ponies in danger!

So, Celestia is saying it would be better for her ponies to have never existed. Fascinating. Also, it is Celestia's stupidity that is putting her ponies in danger. She was the one who thought ignoring the warnings of a being infinitely more powerful than her whom she knew had a personal interest in preventing harm to a specific pony was a good idea. Hint: It was a horrible idea.

After reading many stories on this site I found that:
a) ponies are way too chill and understanding in these kinds of situations
b) everyone gets friendly with eachother really quick
c) the protagonists are waaaay to acceptive of their new surroundings

I'm trying to do something different here. It's not all black and white or good and bad. Not everyone can be "World crisis? A cookie first, apocalypse later." or in this case "You're screaming our ears off? We'll just listen patiently despite the fact an ancient evil almost burnt us to a crisp." It just doesn't feel right to me. Basically I'm taking things that bother me in other fictions and twisting them around. Not saying other fics are bad but it's just something I'm coming across a lot.

As for your couple hope... Hmmm :raritywink:

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