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Alrighty then, lets get this Introduction started! I'm pretty sure most of you will grasp what this group is about as you read. We are a group dedicated to Anthro stories. Everything Anthro will belong here and hopefully we will become big enough to convince more people to write them! Because you can never have to much of a good thing, right? -Reaper and Brony

Picture was done by: Devs-Iratvs
Both our OCs are Reaper ponies, so we found this picture greatly appropriate, and it's nicely done. :D

Picture was done by:FoxInShadow
You Better go Read!

As for rules, Make sure you put the story's in the right folders. Also Humanized is not to be added to our folders period. Humanized is a term for ponies who have become 100% human which is a no. Anthro are ponies who have human like features like hands, walking upright ect ect. but still have most of the pony features like tails, fur, horns or wings. This is a strict Anthrop group anything below is not allowed.(That includes Neko's ect)

Now then onto another subject, Clop that's just for the sake up clop should go to the Clop folder only. If you have questions just PM Reaper or Brony and we will try to answer you asap.

One thing about the founders of this group:
ABronyLife42'sFavorite Song:

ReaperofSouls42 Favorite Song:

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hello, everyone im loock for some one who could write a clopfic formi, im farly new here so i do not who soud i ask, can someone help me?

I'm putting this everywhere I can incase it's not just a rumor.

Thank you for adding my stories to your group.

It appears I'm in the wrong universe

Thank you for adding my story to this group.

Hello, I'm new here. joined this group cause I like Anthro and it's also what I write. I'm new to FIMFiction in general and want to know how long it usually takes to get one's work approved?

Hello, I would like to know if there is any mistake in my history since I can not send it to Clop folder of this group, and I've done everything to erase it and I still can not send my story in the corresponding folder, my profile is a Advance of my story if you want to read it

413944 Davenport is the name of the pony.

does anypony know the name of the pony who owns Quills and sofas?

412178 on the story's page, under the summary and chapters, on the bar with the update and publish dates, there's a little group button on the right. click that to add stories to groups.

How do I add my story, ?

It's Anthro/Tribal in an Alternate Universe...

Help would be appreciated ^.^

That art :3

Wouldn't mind her reaping me, that Twilight.........oh my god....

I feel bad at self promoting something. But if you like a anthro getting it on with a human.

Then here it is.

First time joining a group on this site. This one fits considering I like anything anthro.

Yes a great clan to join and really like the songs that the founders have up. It has giving me a great idea to add to my story.

Finally, a home for my anthro stories! Yerf!

400075 bro do you describe a character like this
to be honest i don't thing this web haven't accepted a story with this one except than anthropoid (it very obvious the main tittle her is all about anthropoid) mayby you should just post it in humanized pon3 or Equestrianize Humans.

ps. sent me a link on you're story it sound's interesting.

  • Viewing 303 - 322 of 322
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