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I'm a Brony who loves MLP: FIMFiction, sci-fi/fantasy, writing, Martial arts, writing songs and am always looking for the laughter around me. hope I can make you Smile Smile Smile.

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News for you all. · 7:21am February 24th

Hello, and before you anyone asks, no, I am not QuirkyGallade. Sadly, as he puts it, He has lost his muse. I'm honestly not sure if that's the case or if it's more to do with his recent relationship break up but I do know that he won't be coming back for quite some time or ever. Just so you all can put a face to my voice, or to typed words :twilightblush:, I'm Gnarl, and I'm a close acquaintance to QuirkyGallade.

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Thank you for letting me know

GNARL: I honestly don't know since I never read what he had written for the chapter. Quirky and I share that in how we write, we don't normally use an outline, I'll try and get something out of him and maybe if I'm feeling up to it I'll put a new chapter up. :unsuresweetie: Who knows. :twilightsmile:

what happened next on equestria warrior or a wimp I'm excited to know what's going to happened to it

Well in my defense he just stopped coming on so I could only imagine the near worst

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