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Here is a group dedicated to the cultivation and critique of ideas and thoughts of writers, were they can discuss, refine and plan them out. No Idea is off limits but as this is not a NSFW group let's try to keep it clean.

Here our the Rules give them a read if you want to join

The forums are for asking questions, posting ideas, asking for help with world building, character creation and development etc.

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I organized it a bit more and added a few more folders. Let me know if you think of any other folders for stories

Alright. Also I get a feeling that we’re in very different time zones. It’s sun rise here. 6:30

fair points. I'll put up some more specific folders.

There’s 3. The problem is you can’t filter inside the folders, so when it starts hitting bigger numbers it gets harder to manage. There’s also the problem of having to constantly check to see if a story been completed or not. The glory of tags is you don’t have to slog through a bunch of comedy based stories when your searching for horror. Many other groups use a “put story here and one other folder” to prevent someone from putting their stories in each folder.

that's a ton of folders.

how would you recommend we organize it?

Uhh, should we clean up the stories folder? It’s a bit of a mess.

5 new members. First new members then all of FiMfiction.

Glad I can be of service. :twilightsmile:

glad I joined this group!

I noticed. It's just sad that people can be so closed-minded and not see potential in ideas. I personal hope to write a few one shots about Pony versions of popular youtubers. The world would be a technological one like ours, with magic helping it along, and focus on the youtubers struggles and challenges.

It could be a great slice of life or drama but almost no one is giving it a chance because bigots keep wailing and complaining. *sigh* it's just sad.

Joined! They locked my thread on the other group.

Glad some one saw it and happy to have you join. :twilightsmile:

I saw your post in a thread.

I wasn't around a long time ago. :raritywink:

I’m surprised that this group didn’t exist a long time ago.

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