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To The Sonic the Hedgehog and My Little Pony Fans, Time to Burn Rubber with Sonic and Rainbow Dash Speed!!!!

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Comment posted by CosmicPony deleted Oct 11th, 2022

Happy birthday Sonic!

Hey there everyone it's been awhile, I have a question do you have any favorite SonicXMLP fanfics, I'm trying to get back into reading them after the long hiatus I've been in the MLP-verse so I'm open to anything, so far I've been reading what made me interested in the series like Friendship is Timeless to name one, but it's been so long and so many fanfics that I just don't know what to start, other than that thank you and have a way past cool day ya'll! :)

Hey I just posted a sonic story of mine here and just want to say for anyone who do like it tell me what you think but for those of you who don't like it don't put hate comments on it just put a dislike on it thank you also if you have any tips to make them story better tell me I'd appreciate it


SEGA's only consistent about one thing: Their inability to translate what made Sonic work in 2d to the world of 3d. They eventually gave up and started making 2d worlds that pretend to be 3d, and often turn side-on to throw that 3d illusion away completely.

You ever play Sonic Utopia? That's how a good Sonic game works in 3d. Sonic World is a close second because it's like Sonic Adventure 2 but with more characters and the ability to make your own levels.

There's gotta be some kind of fuckery at work here to be so inconsistent for so many years.

Speaking of, as one classy Sonic fan to another, maybe you'd be interested in my story. It's my goal to create something truly great for this crossover genre, as opposed to the largely disappointments I've watched for years.

This was their attempt to make up for 25 years of garbage: Another garbage autorun game you can beat one-handed.

Featuring rushed plots, low-effort everything, recycled Generations assets, and a generic edgy tard baddie who turns out to be the kind of kid who makes generic edgy tard baddies. Wow, what depth. Meanwhile, the hero's a cowardly blank slate who never acts of his own volition and can only stand on his own two feet with Sonic backing him up. Wow. Really feeling the love here, SEGA.

And to think I believed they were going all out with the world at war thing. It was like SatAM brought to a video game. It could have been so good... and they found a way to mess it up. Disappointing.

A man of taste, culture, and platforming skill!

A respectable individual, I see.


So are there any other stories with Sonic Forces x MLP? Just asking.

Yeah what you said first is what I meant.

do you mean the one with Rainbow Dash being his sister?`

get's adopted by Rainbow Dash without them knowing what he would grow into? I think I want him just big enough to go on adventure, maybe as big as the CMC.

yep i probably meant something similar, but if I remember it right I probably wanted to see most of if as soon as they are old enough to go to school ad make friends or whatever.

or what where you refering to?

So this is what you meant on your first comment on my story.

I'm not writing very often here, but I suppose this is the right place for that.

Well instead of a Sonic Crossover, has anyone written a story in which Sonic (pferable classic this time sonic if that makes a difference), get's adopted by Rainbow Dash without them knowing what he would grow into? I think I want him just big enough to go on adventure, maybe as big as the CMC.

I can't write it myself, I just wanted to trow an idea in here.
edit: if someone is going to write it, please let me know about it, I totally love adoption stories nearly as much as doog written romance stories.
The only thing is depending on how they write it, romance stories can be messed up pretty easy too.

HEY EVERYONE, there new games came out it SONIC FORCES and if you all have one make a crossover with my little pony and equestrian girls as well

Hey guys! And the Sonic and MLP writers, artists, and others out there! I am here to make a special announcement! A brand new Discord Server, for this crossover has gone live! This server is for writers, artists, content creators and other people who contribute to this fan base, or the fans!
I hope you can join this server!

The server, includes a place for fans to talk about the crossover, as well as Sonic and MLP separately, you can follow news on them both, get linked to the latest chapters of the best stories, talk about whatever you want, earn ranks and levels, talk to 8Balls, listen to music, talk with your voice and more! And you can suggest your own ideas for the server, we'd love to hear them!

Assuming you probably have never heard of Discord, Discord is a text and voice chat for gamers, which can be used with internet, downloadable on PC, and is an app on mobile! Check out their website to find out more and to make an account, you only need an email and it's pretty easy to do!

Me and Kawaii (a writer friend) have worked hard on this, and we want lots of people to join in!

The link to the server on my profile can ne used infinitely.

h t t p s / / discord . gg / 8UzSbz

Have a nice day! I hope you can join!

-Cosmix & Kawaii

(I apologise if this breaks any rules)

I just joined and I hope there will be more Sonic X crossovers here because Sonic X is my favorite Sonic TV show.

Hey does anyone here want to read my story of The Blue Blur and the Lavender magican?

I really here what you guys think of it.

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