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To The Sonic the Hedgehog and My Little Pony Fans, Time to Burn Rubber with Sonic and Rainbow Dash Speed!!!!

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Hey guys! And the Sonic and MLP writers, artists, and others out there! I am here to make a special announcement! A brand new Discord Server, for this crossover has gone live! This server is for writers, artists, content creators and other people who contribute to this fan base, or the fans!
I hope you can join this server!

The server, includes a place for fans to talk about the crossover, as well as Sonic and MLP separately, you can follow news on them both, get linked to the latest chapters of the best stories, talk about whatever you want, earn ranks and levels, talk to 8Balls, listen to music, talk with your voice and more! And you can suggest your own ideas for the server, we'd love to hear them!

Assuming you probably have never heard of Discord, Discord is a text and voice chat for gamers, which can be used with internet, downloadable on PC, and is an app on mobile! Check out their website to find out more and to make an account, you only need an email and it's pretty easy to do!

Me and Kawaii (a writer friend) have worked hard on this, and we want lots of people to join in!

The link to the server on my profile can ne used infinitely.

h t t p s / / discord . gg / 8UzSbz

Have a nice day! I hope you can join!

-Cosmix & Kawaii

(I apologise if this breaks any rules)

I just joined and I hope there will be more Sonic X crossovers here because Sonic X is my favorite Sonic TV show.

383447 reminds me of misha

398111 I mained him in brawl

Hey does anyone here want to read my story of The Blue Blur and the Lavender magican?

I really here what you guys think of it.

Hmm i really wish to make a Story But i need help :twilightblush: because i never did a story.heh

Hello guys...I'm just starting in this forum... so my name is andrew and I'm a big fan of Sonic the hedgehog.... and also I'm a brony to the the way I am also a fan-artist..... and this is a little image of mine... I hope you guys accept me into this comunity :)

371330 anyways awesome picture

371330 Super Rainbow Dash Helping Super Sonic Defeat Dr. Eggman and King Sombra XD

Sonic The Hedgehog And My Little Pony = Maximum Awesomeness

hola amigos soy nuevo, soy un gran fan de mlp y sonic y de los animes en general y muchos videojuegos, espero que nos llevemos bien :) y me preguntaba si os importaria que subiese las paginas de mi futuro fanfic de un cross over con sonic y mlp, sera un comic.

371330 supersonic superrainbow dash

Hey Guys im Back.

sonic boom just came out yesterday and now on

380917 I started my fandom as a Sonic fan at 9 and MLP at 12

Let me just say it. Sonic and MLP is my top favorite crossover. Even though I started as a Sonic fan late in my teens, the series always had that charm, kinda like MLP does. And even though their fanbases can get crazy over the simplest of things, I still like both franchises. Heck, if it wasn't for MLP, my love for making stories would've died out long ago. Proud to be both a fan of Sonic and MLP! :yay:

Rest easy heroes. :rainbowkiss: I love that tagline.

Word: Sonic Brony :rainbowkiss:
Definition: A half Sonic fan and Brony breed who is under the fact a mixed fan of this crossover. Also it is SO AWESOME! :ajsmug: :rainbowkiss: :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile: :raritystarry: :yay:

The reason I think this is a good idea is because sonic characters and mlp characters line up in ways like abilities or appearance or personality.

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