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Long ago in a distant land, Ivo Robotnik, the egg-shaped master of science, unleashed an unspeakable evil. But a brave blue hedgehog wielding supersonic speed stepped forth to oppose him time and time again. But before the hedgehog could end the long drawn-out battle once and for all, the villain tore open a portal through time and space, and flung him into another world where magic and fantasy are everyday reality. Now the hero seeks to return to his world, and stop the mad doctor from conquering this one too. Along the way he'll meet new friends, new enemies, and just maybe something a little more. All while the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.

Hang on to your seats boys and girls, cause we're breaking down the walls between dimensions.

Now on TV Tropes.
Cover art by BroDogz.
Sonic the Hedgehog universe, set directly after Sonic Generations.
MLP universe, set just before the end of Season 2.

Edited by, Jet Storm, Typoglyphic, and Bok.

After some inspiration from from my good pal Gunflame, I'm throwing my hat into the ring for a good Sonic/MLP crossover. And I aim to give it the much needed improvement in quality that's so desperately needed with this particular crossover genre. I'll strive to make this one of the premier Sonic/MLP crossover stories on the web.

Thank you and enjoy.

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 287 )

This definitely has my attention. Keep up the good work and I hope you update this story soon.

Glad you enjoyed it, and thank you.

Show of hands, who else read the intro in the original voice of Aku?

Boy what's with Sonic crashing into the ground anyway?

I'm enjoying this very much. I', looking forward to more chapters. Well done.

Sounds like a video from YouTube I saw called Sonic & Dash.

Funny you should mention that. The confrontation between Sonic and Eggman and his whisking away was heavily influenced by that video. I was disappointed the maker decided to discontinue it, so I thought I'd carry it on in my own interpretation.

Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Jan 6th, 2018

...Will Sonic be meeting other Displaced or.. ? I mean, you did put this in the displaced group.

This isn’t a Displaced story. Why did you add it to the displaced group? Do you know what a Displaced is?

In case you didn’t know, a Displaced is a character who was dimensionally misplaced as a character from sources of media. Usually a HiE type story where a human gets sent to Equestria as, say, for example, Sonic. But, from the description alone (haven’t read the story- I’m not interested in Sonic.) it does not seem like a Displaced story at all. Just a crossover story.
I am not intending to be offensive in any way. I am simply notifying you of your apparent error so that you can correct it.

I hope you find success in your writings!

Does "displaced" not mean a character that's pulled from their own world and thrown into a new one? And I'm sure if you look at chapter 2 again you'll answer that question for yourself.

There's a difference between A Displaced and being displaced. Read Chaos Lord's comment.

Comment posted by Super Saiyan D deleted Jan 6th, 2018

Maybe I'm not quite understanding the difference.

But, very well. I shall make the correction. Thank you.

A/The Displaced: A Human from earth is turned into another character along with their powers usually through the method of the merchant.
someone who got displaced: Just another character thrown into another world.

Ah, now I got you. Then I guess this isn't one of those.

I only wish for people to read the group's description all the way instead of instantly posting it based on name alone, that's all.

All right.

So, judging by your story’s description, it is clear to see that Sonic was, likely by random chance or a freak accident on eggman’s part, thrown into the MLP world, and unchanged.

In a Displaced story, using the most common trend as an example, a human goes to a convention in Sonic cosplay. While there, he encounters a msyterious stall run by a hooded Merchant. This merchant just so happens to be selling the one piece needed to complete the character’s cosplay. So, they purchase it. Unbeknownst to them, this Merchant is actually a Displacer and a Void Dweller (a being with such power that they can move about the realm of nothingness between universes without being completely annihilated) and the item they just bought will knock them unconscious and send them to Equestria, except the character has turned INTO Sonic, powers and all.

That is the difference between this story and a Displaced Story.

Foooolish samurai! Aaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaa!

Couple grammar errors, but nothing nearly as bad as in other works by other people. Not bad.

I would just advise you to recheck your use of "know" and "no", as well as using "ground" instead of "grinning".

Keep it up, pal!


Actually, did you intend for this to be part of the Displaced Multiverse? Being able to crossover with other Displaced, etc.? Because apparently if so that makes it a Displaced, as I’ve oh so recently been informed.
Apparently I was misinformed, believing that Displaced was a sub genre of HiE

No, that's not what I intended. There won't be any "people transforming into fictional characters" here.

If Rainbow and Sonic are a thing here, I kind of hope he can either stay there or they can visit each other in the end, I would hate a good bye forever in the end. I know Sonic, but in a relationship and with Rainbow his coky behavior could be a bit to much, I kind of hope he isn't boasting so much that he starts to look like an asshole.

I just had seen to much already, enough sadly bad Sonic stories and characters like him going overboard and starting to act like being an asshole would be their job.

I'm just going to enjoy it and give it a fair chance, I try to name it when I should end up not liking it.

He put all his leg strength into a leap to propel himself forward, stretched out towards the now three foot hole, and…

Fhoop! His body disappeared through the hole right before it closed.

I'm so hoping that this is Shadow and he get's his own believable romance. I mean something that doesn't looks like he is giving up his whole personality and starts to act like captain cuddlebear toward everyone, I would prefer it if he still acts more like himself when he meets people beside his possible Marefriend.

I tried to get the information in my head, but I couldn't help but rush a tiny bit trough the story to get to the really exciting parts. However I can say that I kind of liked how you had done the prologue so far. In the second chapter I got in to the whole "this scene, that scene" stuff. I hope you know what I meant, I'm just trying to write withouth having to look for the proper translation right now.

After another moment of warily glancing around at them, he noticed that source of light was coming from somewhere above him. Looking up, he was greeted by the sight of another horse creature, flapping a pair of large wings and casting light down on him from a horn on top of her head.

Is she trying to hard to be impressive here?, with a light show and everything?

I thought it would be the "high, mighty and proud" Celestia, but instead it was the "hasty, protective and sceptical" Luna.
Yep not sure if you notice it, but they are pretty often kind of assholes in stories and that is the first that comes to my mind, she is probably thinking that he did the blue thunder show.

I kind of like it already.

I had to think about Sonic Unleashed and then the space colony ark when I went trough the art with Eggman trapping him and everything.

I admit it is difficult to tell the difference betwenn crossover and displaced stories at least it can be in some chases, but I like to think of it more as a crossover too.
ahh okay I see it's already done.

I'm kind of glad for that, I know at least two good OP characters, but I think a story is ruined sometimes when they have a crossover with one of those arogant "know it all" OP Displaced characters that know more attacks than they should.
I mean some characters are like a....super sayan Pickatchu, because that person liked Dragon ball but thought that pokemon looked better.
How often did I had to read that some kind of regular hero learned a ki-attack or Ka-me-ha-me-Ha.

Yes. Speculate. It fuels me. And all will become clear soon enough. I'm not the type to have people act without reason.

This is amazing! Are you going to continue this? It's been a while since you updated this outstanding story.

Well they are certainly quick to violence. I wonder how long it'll take them to realize that Sonic isn't their enemy.

Well, they did give him the chance to come quietly. A few of them are just a little more rambunctious. And time will tell.

The stallion just glowered at him. "You're not going anywhere, trespasser. You may have escaped all of the others, but you won't get past me. " Shining Armor said threateningly, his horn alighting once more as he charged up another attack. "This is the end of the line, rat."

Sonic and the secret rings reference

"Bring me a scroll, Umbra."

I hope even beside rainbow Dash it is not easy for them to find someone with his powers and speed.
I already liked it that it wasn't another storie where his powers meant nothing and half of them could really beat him so easily.

"Get the team ready. I want six of our best on the runway, now."

I kind of hope it is like in Sonic X with them being the racers that just don't quite reach his speed and even then I hope you don't forget that he at least seems to be able to move much better at this speed or wouldn't be so easily overhelmed by them tackling him or something.

I maybe forgot that Rainbow was the one with the problem to move if she flies at high speed, but well I would like them to be more some kind of rival. I wanted to say Rainbow should be the rival, but I think Rainbow still need to learn a bit of the Wonderbolt skills

Long story short, it maybe makes sense but I would be dissapointed I think, if they have such an easy time or wouldn't aknowledge his skills, you know that they are maybe only ckocky and laughing at him once they caughted up to him.
That kind of behavior that makes it look as if the other one never had a chance and stuff like that, the same goes for Sonic, I think it would be nice if they bond over their speed.

Bizarrely fast to react to violence, for Equestrians. Sonic is definitely in character though. Well done there.

Maybe. But not unrealistic for the situation. If the earth started shaking at the White House or Buckingham Palace and a sudden priority one suspect was discovered on the grounds, security would be buzzing. Though, it's kind of more on Luna, being more "hands on" and a bit more excitable than Celestia. Still, better the guards are quick to react than either mysteriously absent or wholly incompetent like we usually see from them.

And glad you think so.

Liked and followed, you've got a real masterpiece on your hands here.

You're too kind. Here's hoping I can get many more to think so.

This is what I like to call an inter dimensional yeet

I... don't know what that means. But I'll assume it's a compliment.


The royal guards galloped after the escaping hedgehog. As they dashed past her and down the pathway out of the courtyard, Luna's eyes narrowed as she pondered what had just transpired before her. One minute she had had this mysterious intruder surrounded, and in the next he was long gone. He'd slipped right past her and the guards in the blink of an eye. Made it look easy.

'I never imagined this being could be so...fast.They will never catch him at this rate. Let us hope my contingency fairs better...'

He raised his bow, gesturing to the hedgehog's tied feet.

"Oh gimme a break, sis. I grew up in Somnambula way before your batty behind came along, remember? It's cold up here for a southerner. And that armor isn't exactly doing any favors. So how 'bout you get me some slack, Captain Bossy?" He replied, his nonchalant manner clearly agitating the mare even further.

Rebounding out of his spin, Sonic uncurled to land on his butt. A metallic 'thunk' to his right made him glance over. Umbra's sword had finished its return trip and had embedded itself in the ground right next to him. Out of the corner of his eye he caught something moving, looking up just in time to see Night Flare - no longer smiling and with another arrow pulled back in his bow, ready to loose. Sonic's eyes went wide with alarm. As the pegasus released his bowstring and the arrow whistled through the air, he reached for the closest thing he could find: Umbra's sword. Grasping the hilt with his right hand, he turned and brandished the brandished with the flat of the blade against his palm.Ting!The pointed arrowhead bounced off the blade from his successful block.

The annoyed pegasus pulled arrow after arrow from his quiver, firing them at the hedgehog in quick succession. He hovered right as he let them loose so his firing path was continually changing, keeping Sonic on his toes. The Blue Blur dodged them with relative ease, blurring in and out of sight around the roof, standing straight and confident with his arms crossed. Somersaulting backwards to another rooftop to dodge the next set of arrows, he gave a mocking gesture to Night Flare, sticking his tongue out and pulling his eyelid down at the pony.

Night Flare's eyes briefly widened before the resulting explosion shook the nearby buildings. He was sent tumbling out of resulting smoke cloud, plummeting backwards and crashing through a window with a grunt. A pair of very girlish shrieks also came from the inside of the room.

The unicorn stood there, his horn glowing. The shield he had put up covered nearly the entire block, with both of them inside. And he wasn't alone. About a dozen more ponies with batty wings and dark armor began landing in rows at the unicorn's side.

His thoughts were answered when a familiar form dropped heavily in front of Shining Armor. It was the bat pony from earlier. And she didnotlook happy in the slightest. Her lips were curled in a snarl and her eyes glared atomic explosions at the Mobian.

As the guards dispersed she walked back down the road. Umbra came up beside her, matching the night princess's pace.

Galloping hoofsteps clopped loudly across the tiled floor. A pegasus mare with bushy dark blue hair, green eyes and a whitish coat bolted through the hallway. A rolled up scroll was clenched in her teeth. High Winds rushed towards the captain's office as fast as her hooves could carry her. There was a 'Urgent' labeled message straight from Canterlot, emblazoned with Princess Luna's mark. She had to get it to the captain.

The chair on the other side of the desk, which had been facing away from her, slowly turned around. There in it(comma) in her medal adorned jacket, wearing her typical dark shades, sat Spitfire: Captain of the Wonderbolts. Before High Winds could sputter on, she raised a hoof to stop her. She pointed to the white mare's left at a set of water bottles. High Winds grabbed one and opened it, drinking several big gulps of water. When she was finished she let out another big gasp, steadying her breath. The captain rested her elbows on the table, hoofs together.

Raising an eyebrow, Spitfire reached over the desk with her wing and took the scroll. Bringing it to her hooves, she unfurled it and read. As her eyes ran back and forth over the page, she pulled her sunglasses down an inch. When her eyes came to a stop, she placed the scroll firmly down on the table.

Good story so far. Just need to double check the grammar. I can do that in my off time if you don't want to.

Man, I really need to get another editor in place of my absent one. I gladly accept your generous offer.

I don't suppose Sonic will end up being found by the mane six in the chapter, will he?

This is probably the first good Sonic/MLP crossover I've seen, and with positive likes too. Sonic seems to be in character, along with Eggman. The ponies are kinda a little out of character, but I would probably react the same way if a blue rodent crashed from the sky in my backyard. I've noticed a few spelling and a few grammatical errors, but nothing major. Might get an editor.
Overall, you have a good story with great potential here.

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