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Brony, Star Wars nut, Former Marine, BA in English, minor in creative writing, OCD and on the Autistic Spectrum


Old Idea, What Would it Be Like if I Went w/It? · 4:42am November 22nd

So, when the story was still less than ten chapters, when Twilight and the crew of the HMS Pinafore saved Spike from Finn in the skirmish that ended in Zecora's death, I honestly thought of Spike invoking an old Equestrian naval law, essentially challenging Twilight to a duel for control over the HMS Pinafore. In effect, Twilight would have too much honor to refuse the challenge, but would be too worried about hurting Spike in order to fight seriously, and Spike ends up winning and takes

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Sith Lore

Here, I will share the Sith Philosophy and the Philosophy of Kallig with followers and bronies alike.

Remember, the Force is alive, it manifests its will in the physical world. In days of old, the Sith thought themselves the highest manifestation of the Force's will. The Sith believed themselves absolute, that there was nothing above them. Sith philosophy is always changing, from the days of the Sith Empire to the modern-day First Order.

The original Sith code was this
Peace is a lie, there is only passion
Through passion, I gain strength
Through strength, I gain power
Through power, I gain victory
Through victory, my chains are broken
The Force shall set me free

The meaning of this code has been thought upon for thousands of years, and even my interpretation may not be the true meaning. The first line, 'Peace is a lie, there is only passion' states that there will never be true peace, as the war between Sith and Jedi will never end, no matter how hard either side tries to wipe out the other. By accepting the fact that peace is a lie, you can give in to your true passions, no matter what those passions may be. The second line, 'Through passion, I gain strength' by giving in to your passions, you become stronger in the Force, both the Light and Dark Side, war and peace. The third line, 'Through strength, I gain power' is meant to represent that strength gains respect, and with the right kind of respect, you gain power in the form of loyal allies. The fourth line, 'Through power, I gain victory' is obvious, if you have enough power, you can defeat any enemy you come across, even allies turned traitor. 'Through victory, my chains are broken' verifies that by defeating your enemies, that the chains placed on you by society are broken. The final line, 'The Force shall set me free' when your chains are broken, you have true freedom, as the Sith say.

As I have said, this is my interpretation of the Sith Code, and it may not be the proper interpretation. Your interpretation is yours and yours alone. Follow what you believe in, whether it is peace or war.

However, as I said I am neither Jedi nor Sith, so this code is not the one I follow. This is my code, written and altered upon by myself and my apprentices

Passion, peace.
Strength, knowledge.
Power, serenity.
Victory, harmony.
Freedom, the Force

My code combines philosophy from both the Sith and Jedi Codes, and therefore, is a path of both Light and Dark, war and peace. My passion is to bring true peace, not by eliminating the Sith or Jedi, but by cooperating. My strength is my knowledge of the Force. My power brings serenity to many. My victory brings harmony wherever I choose to go and fight. Through bringing freedom, I become closer to the Force.

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Oohrah, thank you for your service Marine.:rainbowdetermined2:

Thanks for the watch, buddy. :twilightsmile:

Darth, Azula/Pulse Master is really pissed now. We need your help to calm him down. :twilightoops:

I think your most recent post does not want to allow comments on it for some odd reason

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