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German / my top five characters are probably (Cowzy Glow, Chrysalis, Tempest, Trixie, Starlight) it always changes a little bit, but those five kind of share place 1 in my favourites.


Online Community what are your experiences? · 12:22pm November 18th

First I want to say yes it's maybe a little thing, but it was pretty annoying to have suddenly 4 or 5 people ganging up on you just because you asked a normal question.

I was annoyed after visiting a chat from the rocket beans vidoes. It played pokemon and I just decited I could watch it at least durint my meal.
Well I saw that the same game was supposed to go online in twenty minutes and was aksing how long that video was playing already.

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No problem, I like those unusal shippings and everything that isn't exactly Spike X Rarity. I mean even in the later seasons I can't really say that I think they fit each other or with Spike being clumsy and more like a child.

Thanks for reading my blog.

It's ok. ^^ And your welcome!

Oh it's you!, yes thank you I liked to see it.
I nearly forget that I can probably look foward to a new chapter of those stories.

You know the poll I took votes for? I thought you might like to see the results.

  • Viewing 160 - 164 of 164
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