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1527127 i know a couple people that could draw coverart for you mate.

Im not really that good at drawing. One of my buddies is making coverart for my latest story.
"Apologies Aren't Always Enough"
In collab with Rated Ponystar.

Ya should check it out. But other then that, I can help with coverart.

no problem at all arcane rune


I'm honestly not too bad at drawing on paper, it's just the thing I used to draw the cover art is a bit hard to use, in my opinion. My computer's broken, so I'm using an old laptop at the moment and it's a hassle to get a decent picture uploaded. It's very kind of you to offer, but I'm going to say no for now. It's only my first story and the writing quality isn't the best, but when my writing skills improve I will try and find better cover art, so I might be looking for someone to do cover art then. Thank you for offering though. :pinkiehappy:

you said in your story Our New Life : Sorry for the scary looking Sonata on the cover art, I can't draw so it looks like a little kid drew it.
If you want i can draw an new cover art for you, Above an drawing made by me.

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