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*Hits blunt* Lobsters are like mermaids for scorpions. *Wheeze* Cookie dough is the sushi of desserts. *Hits blunt again* Surely, if tomatoes are a fruit, then that makes ketchup a jam.

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Merry post Christmas everybody!! · 2:55am Dec 27th, 2015

Hey guys! Ya'll enjoyed the holidays? I sure didn't find it bad! Lemme know your funny Christmas stories, hehe. Anyways, SRE is undergoing a bit of maintenance, but new chapter will be out by monday. Look forward to a "heated" battle hahahahah- *BANG* X.X yup, the trigger needed to be pulled on that one. I just hope I didn't "burn" that line. What? Are you beggining to "boil"? Its not good to "blow a fuse", maybe you should just "fire" up some "hot" coco. It'll definitely "warm" you up a

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I was just wondering, are ever gonna continue 'Strangely Resilient Ember'?

2087517 I gave it a look, pretty nice arsenal

2087387 definitely i'm still loving it and i get a email every time you update. when i get the time or wanna just chill away from the game i will read yours first
honestly your one of the few action oriented stories i have seen in a good while that is not either complete or dead. so im really happy when i get a chance to read yours.
ps im linking a playlist of great tracks that you can use in your story as i love how you put a soundtrack to it.

2087364 ahaha ok just seeing if you noticed I was updating lol. You were one of my loyal readers of course :ajsmug:

2086690 have not read the latest 2 yet cause Christmas and ya know ... fallout 4.
seriously i got that game on the 25th and here i an already put in over 47 hours in it. but yes everything up to him telling celestia to sit down and shut up yes.

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