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The Library

I am the Library, I've been around since the dawn of time and my knowledge continues to grow with each second passing. Are you worthy to enter my sanctum?

A word of welcome and a warning

As you enter the rather spacious hall a ghostly figure appears before you dressed in a brown robe, with a hood that covers it's face. Even though no features are seen from under the hood you could feel it's gaze upon you, like it was inspecting you. You feel rather uneasy as the figure stood there in complete stillness, only his robe weaved with an none existing wind.

After many more moments of silence the robed figure spoke is a deep rumbling voice, which shook your very soul. "I'd like to be the first to welcome, and to congratulate you on reaching my sanctum. I know this is rather unnerving to stand here in a hall filled with magic and ancient knowledge, all within hands or in your case hooves reach." It's soulless face appears to be looking straight into your eyes as you can feel it grinning under the hood. After a second the figure stepped closer as a pair of yellow glowing eyes stared at you before it spoke once more. "I know what you are thinking, most mortals think the same. I have you know that I have no specific name, but you may call me the Library. Now that we are properly introduced feel free to take a look around, but a warning before you wander off. All knowledge has a price, some deadly some the complete opposite. Are you willing to pay? Or will you perish like those before you. The decision is all yours." The figure took a step away from you as it moved to one of the many shelves. "You have to excuse me though, I have other matters to attend to. I hope we shall meet again."

The robed figure disappeared as it turned to dust before your eyes but the disembodied voice crackles menacingly while it grows more silent after every second, leaving you almost alone in the main hall that is the library. But you know, even though you can't see it, it is still watching you.

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