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The Last Stanza

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Hey there, traveler! Looking for an editor, a prereader, or some other kind of writing help or advice? PM me!

Depressed, sad, angry, or in some otherwise not-ok mood and need someone to talk to, vent to, or get advice from without the obnoxious prescriptions and comments you'd get from a psychologist? PM me!

Suicidal, cutting, just got dumped, or being somehow abused and need anything at all? PM me!

Want or need someone to talk to for any reason at all? PM me!

PM me whenever, and I'll get back to you in in less than twelve hours!


Oh . . . · 10:11pm Sep 3rd, 2018

Just realized I have 40 followers . . .

Thanks for following me!

I'm probably actually going to find time to edit and publish some stuff on here soon, if any of you feel like reading what few horsewords I can make sound cool.

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Thanks for the follow:twilightsmile:. Did I do something awesome and not know it? :twilightblush:

I'd be happy to help with any proofreading and/or editing.

Woot! I like watchers :) Thank you and I hope you enjoyDead Tree and Bone Daddy.
Chapter 19 is under edits and a new story is finally under work.

If you do like it leave an upvote; if you hate it drop a downvote. Talk to me in the comments, I like holding entire conversations in there.

I see you like Anonpencil too ;) Barcast is awesome.
I am looking for someone to do some more proofreader / editing.

Thanks for following me, may I perhaps pertain as to why?

Thanks for the follow! Welcome to the Legion!

  • Viewing 122 - 126 of 126
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