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In the beginning; there was nothing. Then one story was born, and breathed light upon the nothingness. An entire universe of stories was created; and all was well.

Welcome to the PomE (Pie of my Eye) group! Just a typical group of guys and gals who made OC stories. You are also welcome to make your own OCxCanonCharacter Story!


[Read the following if you are interested in making a story to add to the group]
Story and OC Standards
Character Profiles
How to write a good story 101 (by Jarvy Jared)
PoME character list

The People Who Run The Group

MyLittleGeneration - founder

Ragga_Muffin - Story Monitor

(Ragga reserves the right to address any issues or breaking of rules pertaining to the stories subsequently submitted and/or approved by Celtic)

Celtic Fire - Story Approver

(Celtic reserves the right to approve or deny any story he deems not fitting the PoME universe or the rules layed forth in the pinned forums/links above)

Jarvy Jared - Literary Advisor and Group Pre-reader

(if you have questions about how to write something or need someone to look something over, ask him)

[Note] DO NOT spam Jarvy with requests, he may become busy with other requests and RL stuff, so just be patient

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What happened to the Discord?

hey i tried to click on the discord link but for some reason, it's not working

Comment posted by Rainbow skies deleted Sep 3rd, 2017

can i ship
me OCs plz (jst lemme smash)
k tanx of thnx

That is all. Equestria is ours.


Comment posted by UltimateEcho2016 deleted May 10th, 2017
Comment posted by REBORN BY FATE deleted Oct 1st, 2015
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