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Part time worker, part time writer, full time jabroni. Hello!

Swift Justice in his natural state

Art done by the amazing Noble Savage!

Wall of Swift!!

I can basically be described with gifs.

when people don't like my fics and/or bad talk my friends-

when I see that someone commented and/or faved a fic of mine or follows me-

when I bide time until my next fic or story update-

when I finally release said fic or update-


Happy 2021! I've been somewhat busy. · 4:18am January 2nd

Heya everybody!

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Definitely. Iā€™m just happy to finally have some normalcy in my life these days.

Nah it's okay man. Been there

Okay, in my defense....uuuuh....I was...in college? :raritydespair:

I asked this question last year:rainbowlaugh:

  • Viewing 561 - 565 of 565
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