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Welcome to the Thunderlane x Rainbow Dash shipping group.

ThunderDash shipping is a severely underrepresented ship in the brony fandom, and this group is dedicated to collecting and cataloging every fic about this ship, as well as encouraging and endorsing this uncommon pairing.

Apparently ponies kissing is a thing... right? :unsuresweetie:

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My favorite shopping, and the First One I did, that s why I like making ThunderDash fanfics, It all started when I watched the episode Hurricane Fluttershy.

385181 Not when there's an actual ship nickname for tow already existing canon characters.

Comment posted by Thunderblast deleted May 26th, 2016

380641 OC X canon characters do not have an actual ship names.

That's a fandom fact.

Comment posted by Thunderblast deleted May 26th, 2016


His favorite shipping is Spike x Sweetie Belle? I like this guy :moustache:


Nah, I think pregnancy is just too cute. :twilightsheepish:


So much cuteness :rainbowkiss:

I'm going to love this group. I haven't read all that many ThunderDash stories, but I would expect to find quite a few. Hell, wouldn't you expect to see a TON of Lighting Dust x Rainbow Dash stories?!

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