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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted March 12th

I've already started watching season 5, and Party Favor happens to be one of my new favorite characters.

So... am I the only one that was appalled when we "saw" where he pulled the balloon bridge out of?

I ship him with Pinkie Pie...
Nice to see a group for Party Favor. :twilightsmile: He and Double Diamond are awesome. :raritystarry:

394875 There is a good reason for the 10h version, less commercial breaks, I hate these. Well, it is a fun song.

There is some fun in the ship, I guess I just have to look forwards to see what you make out of it. Sounds like the Pinkest of ll Pink ships I ever dreamed up, or heard of, to date.

394651 The 10hr version? You must really like that song. And no never tried that ship. I'll try it.

394591 Thanks, plenty of fun, now I am hiting the 10hVersion. Partially for the less commercial break of course.
394592 There is a good ship, right along with the old once.
Ever tried to have Pinkie Pie, diana and Bubble Berry?

Party Favor x Pinkie Pie.

Enough said.

394576 Oh yeah, I have heared of this expression from time to time. I guess this is where Pinkie Pie commonly store her Party Canon and associated amunition as well?

I have the idea that he has special balloons, other than the common brands.
He kind of lends credibilities to some of my stories based on Pinkie Pie and her balloons. Cases where she nipps them off of her flank as shown in the first film, bloing them up to near impossible size, while said balloon still is just as durable, or as durable as steel? There are a few instances of these balloons in show, if we take the time to dig he episodes out.

Then he is reflecting on these party qualities of Pinkie Pie; with the balloons, just like Cheeze reflected her Pinkie sence, but more directly towards parties, and where said parties were expected or required.

Anothe Stallion is a Party Pony.

394538 There sure is room for another Pony around here, consider yourself welcome into the herd.


where did he get that balloon from?

My guess: Hammerspace.

To answer your other question: Until someone gives me a better explanation, I'll assume that performing impossible acts that defy all logic is a power that party ponies possess.

Glad to have you. :pinkiehappy:

That banner though...
I'm joining.

Just curious, where did he get that balloon from?

Oh, and how did he manage to build such a long bridge out of just one balloon?

These two or three certainly are great and awesome PartyFavours.

Best season 5 character.:rainbowkiss:

Party Favor's adorable. Enough said. :pinkiehappy:

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