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10 Years... · 8:46pm Aug 6th, 2022

10 Years...

That's how long I've had this account on FimFiction.

I was about to graduate middle school when I learned about MLP:FIM, and the brony community that surrounded it.

At the time, like any adolescent boy, I thought it was weird that men were interested in a show meant for little girls.

Nonetheless, I decided to give the show a try, just to see what was so special about it and what made adults flock to watching it.

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Awesome! If you're a Soarburn fan, then you have VERY fine taste. Enjoy! :raritywink:

You're welcome. I haven't read anything yet, but I'll check out the Soarin/Braeburn stories in the future

Thanks for watching! Can I ask which stories of mine you've enjoyed?

Thanks for the watch.

  • Viewing 277 - 281 of 281
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