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Featured Fic (Bi Weekly)

Side A- The Guard
By: daOtterguy

Flash Sentry is just concluding his first week of training for the Royal Guard and he is doing great. Nothing can break his focus. Especially not the hot Stallion that runs the Chocolate Shop down the street from the Barracks.

He also most certainly does not want to date him. That would be silly.

Though Flash Sentry was silly...

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Are there any good male human x colt fics?

Out of my own stupid curiosity, what did I post that got deleted?
Oh me...

Edit 01-18-19; I guess I'll never know.

Comment posted by DutchFeuer deleted Aug 14th, 2018

OMG, same!
Your boyfriend sounds hot, lucky you!

Whoever came up with Hoity Toity must have grown up with my boyfriend. My boyfriend is absolutely the spitting image of him, attitude and everything.

He is like a mobster! He is so badass and hot!

Are there many fanfics of him? He's totally my earth pony god.

398141 Morpheus- *Snuggles back*

398110 *snugs the hell out of you*

398091 King Morpheus- Very well then. :ajsmug: *Snuggle*

388012 Would you snuggle my stallion then?:ajsmug:

396946 I suppose so, it's just that, personally, it wasn't the one that I'm the most proud of. But if someone likes it, then I suppose it's still considered a good thing. So once again, thank you.

I read it, and I liked it. Isn't that enough?

396842 Hello, I've noticed that you've put up one of my stories on Bi-Weekly. For this I have only two responses to this: Thank you, and why? Out of all the stories, why "You Two are What!?" in particular? I'm just curious here.

New featured fic is up

You know it! I think it's cute. :heart:

Comment posted by MidnightLunaRunner deleted May 10th, 2015

I did not, but probably it's just two vectors and five-10 frames of tongue animation.

I do commissions sometimes.

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