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Hello everypony, if you like M/M clopfics featuring Braeburn, this is the place for you. Also, all thanks to Ponyness for inspiring/helping with making this group.

PLEASE READ: Hello, I am GanAfterDark, creator of this group. But what I need to say is that I am no longer a clopper, so I will be passing my ownership on to another trusted member. I truly apologize.
-no sopa B.S. I'll kick your ass out.
-mild language is allowed, but no NSFW pictures/flash games/etc.
-Clop fics only.
-Gay clop fics only, no straight clop.
-no disrespecting others, or, again, I'll kick your ass out.
-no racism
-Mature humor is allowed
-and only put fics in their designated folders.

You can use the forums to talk about anything! (No sopa)

Have a cloppy day!

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I just joined, and I don't know whet the hell a SOPA is! So yeah.

I just joined, and I don't know whet the hell a SOPA is! So yeah.

We need more stories!... MOAR.

354632 What do you mean by that? Where from? I vaguely remember your name.

Thank all of you for joining!:pinkiehappy:

This is my kinda group.

Comment posted by GanAfterDark deleted Mar 14th, 2014

352987 is there any other places or groups we could 'Invade' or infiltrate in the name of the cause?

352985 at least, the cause is now out in the public.
You anounced the stand.
Any pony can judge the worth on their own, by their standards.

352983 some guys are born likie that.
Even if the once we saw aren't too pleasent,
others may read and agree?

352982 oky doky plus those guys were pissing me off.

352980 Maybe some poni will show up within a few days?
Making the cause known where they may hang out, like in the clop is a good move. (I noticed and replied)

Oh, but wait, I love the punny end of the mesage.

352978 we just have to be patient. If you see any M/M Braeburn clopfics I'd be happy if you could add it.

352968 I guess that would be nice.
Just figured how to handle these tools resently.
I'm only happy I can help.
352970 Your(our) potential new 'Members' probably are going to find this more appealking, since it looks more organised and thought through.

352967 thanks it looks nice

352967 ok thanks for the help. I guess I should add your name for helping/inspiring me with this group.

352948 ah yeah.
I've tried to apply some small sense of order to the folders.
Since it is about Breaburn, I placed him first.
There goes, Cheeze is the latest named Stallion on his Herd.

just take a look and see how it looks now?

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